..- -. -… . .-.. .. . …- .- -… .-.. . !!!!! (Translated: Unbelievable!!!!!)

That’s right, according to Idaho Lawmakers, the telegraph is “officially obsolete”.   What?  You mean it WASN’T?!

I found it interesting that they had to post a picture of it in the article.  With a caption.

Whew, am I glad they did that.  I was lost for a moment.   I would have thought that was a 1845 stapler or a 1974 tattoo pen based on the subject of the article.

First of all, I’m not sure if I should be more surprised that a lawmaker was standing in for his mother for this important, groundbreaking vote, or that the telegraph was considered current technology ANYWHERE.

Rep. James McMillan, substituting for his mother, Shannon McMillan, told lawmakers before the vote that Idaho has just one remaining active passenger station, in Sandpoint.

I was under the impression that, unlike HAM radio networks that serve a useful purpose, telegraph systems went out with 8-track tapes, reel tapes…  and even these days, VHS and cassette tapes.   But somehow I suspect that there’s a secret 8-track copy of Country Comedian Jerry Clowner in one of those Boise government office drawers.

Mr. McMillan, I won’t judge.  I just never knew.



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