Exploring the Softer Side of Today’s Outraged Sensitive Men. Brought to you by Huggies Diapers.

Well, nice going Huggies.

You go and run a commercial that smacks of dumb-husband-like antics akin to  “King of Queens”-style stereotyping without hiring a focus group consisting of dads who help, or soley raise their kids.   Did you think you were a sitcom, or appearing on The View or something?

That’s ONE way to quickly tork off 20% of your customers in one shot.   I mean, according to some of these comments groups speaking out, you went out of your way and hacked a very dull knife at the very genitals of men with this quip:

“To prove that Huggies diapers and wipes can handle anything,” the female voice-over explains, “we put them to the toughest test imaginable — Dads.”

If a diaper can handle ANYTHING, and the “toughest test” of durability, dependability and strength is DADs, then I think if anything, that’s a compliment.   But no, that’s not good enough.  Now today’s man has to find offense in the most pathetic of instances.

I expected that from, say, a guy like this:

But not from regular every day guys.

What happened here?

And here is how many stay-at-home dads say they felt like:

So I think….  wait.

Hold up.


A commercial like that is going to wreck the day of dads who raise, feed, protect, love and advocate for their children?   Ladies, please stop reading.   I gotta talk to the fellas for a few minutes.  Yes, this will just take a few moments.  K?   Thanks.

(taps foot, waits for door to close)

[door slams]

Okay guys.  Seriously. 





I see stuff like this ALL THE TIME go unchallenged.  You didn’t say anything when Tim the Toolman on “Home Improvement” is constantly wrong, or blundering or saved by his smart and witty wife, the true brains of the operation.  Or Officer Winslow and Urkel are the dummies, while Mrs. Winslow and Laura are always smart and intelligent?    And could someone tell me exactly HOW many guys does it take to raise kids in the “Full House” sitcom?   Alex P. Keaton had Michael Gross as a dad – this alone should have been about wussy and pacifistic as “modern fathers” should get.

It’s okay to be offended.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t be.   When guys are marganized by Sony as being a “Horses Behind”, you should probably be a little angry that your gender got a little kick.

Or this commercial by Dairy Queen, where even at a young age, guys are stupid suckers for a woman who dare give them a modicum of attention:

Or this subtle ad from iRobot which needs no further introduction from me:

Haven’t you wondered why your wife finds “Everybody Loves Raymond” funny?  It’s because he’s such a dim-witted character void of any power or dignity – and this is ideal for some women’s idea that the husband they married aren’t the high school football star anymore, but grew fat and gray haired like the rest of us.

And just like the dads portrayed in the above videos, it’s fair game, considering all the cleaning products from Johnson and Johnson include….  WOMEN.   How about that Pine Sol lady?  “That’s the Power of Pine Sol, baby!”  The only exception for ANY cleaning or dusting product:  “Mr. Clean”.   And he doesn’t do anything but go in the bucket.  Just like a man would.  So there ya go.

Outraged dads:   Stop whining.  Few people care about your equality, and those who do know better and trust you because you’re worth trusting and raising a kid.   They’re not trying to hurt your feelings.  They’re trying to laugh at your stereotype.   You’re stupid, simpleminded, beer-drinking, sports-following refined cavemen who happen to live indoors these days.   I don’t even like sports, and *I* get lumped into that.  But the only thing worse than all the whining from kids is whining from adult men, whose fragile identities apparently hang on the content of a daytime soap commercial whose biggest customer is still… WOMEN.

I could see guys raising a stink, and not buying a Sony, or a Roomba or taking the family out to Dairy Queen.   You’re certainly entitled to do so (or not!), and I couldn’t care less if you did.  Go ahead.  Punish those who offend you.

But c’mon guys.  Whining about a DIAPER commercial?   That’s the stripping of your masculine dignity?   That’s the line that gets crossed before you object?   THAT’S the straw that broke the camel’s back?

Mr. Clean should beat you with your own mop.   And I’d hope they’d put that footage in their next commercial.

To those “outraged”, I suppose you’re entitled.  But I don’t understand it.

And I don’t know who took them, but grow them back.

Yes, really.



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