So if the RIAA, MPAA or other Washington Lobby *SUSPECTS* you of Copyright Infrignement, you’re guilty!

Well, THIS ARICLE exposes the RIAA and MPAA’s plan for ISPs..  but really,  what’s to expose when they are themselves trumpeting their latest strategy in “Guilty Until Proven Innocent” Campaign against their customer base.

These are the two mothers that gave birth to this baby called stupid.

Fritz Attaway, executive vice president of the Motion Picture Association of America and reincarnation of Col. Sanders, (left) and Cary Sherman of the Recording Industry Association of America and John McCain impersonator, discussing why you should be punished, and how to send you to bed without dinner, you darned thieves! 

Isn’t that nice?

The companies you overpay for Internet service already – namely Comcast, Time-Warner and Verizon – have teamed up, not only with Washington Lobby groups, but even the White House to monitor your ISP usage, check in on your data downloads, and….

Wait a minute.   The White House? 

Oh Right!    Now I remember.  Former Democrat Rep. Chris Dodd went ON RECORD AS SAYING that he’s okay with PURCHASING LEGISLATION that profits his industry, and he expects the government to PAY HIM BACK:

“Those who count on quote ‘Hollywood’ for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who’s going to stand up for them when their job is at stake. Don’t ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake…”

This is the same Chriss Dodd, now scraped up off the pavement to work for the MPAA, who made $15.5 MILLION in bonuses last year. If artists are dying, it is surely he who is killing them by stealing their money.  But I digress.

Vice President Joe Biden has traded “Fair Use” laws designed to promote arts and works for Corporate Cash from Industry Lobbyists.   In other words, they got paid while you pulled the lever for them.  Now it’s time for your come-uppance, stupid voter!!

So what’s this mean to you?    If someone hacks your internet connection and searches torrent sites, you’re responsible.  Biden supported JAIL TIME for “repeat” offenders.  (Thankfully, I guess we should be counting our lucky stars that we’re only being threatened with speed throttling…. for now….)   WEP can be cracked in about 5 minutes, assuming every senior citizen with wireless is on top of the encrpytion trends these days.   Looks like more grannies are going to get jailtime from the RIAA for not properly setting their SSID, encryption type, and monitoring their wireless network traffic stream.

Cause that worked out so well for them last time:

And the great part is that they don’t even have to catch you.

They just have to SUSPECT that you’re doing it – much like they just “merely suspected” a dead woman of sharing 700 songs, and you’ll get a notice.

That’s like getting a ticket cause your old raggedy car’s is ugly and loud, so therefore your brakes might go out, causing you to blow past a stop sign.

Then, imagine getting ANOTHER ticket and having them shove a regulator on your vehicle because your brakes might go out and blow past TWO stop signs.

Never mind the fact that you got brand new brakes last week!  You just look like a danger!

Hide ya kids, Hide ya wife!

Merely visiting a website may put you on a “watch list”, which justifies a warning letter and crimping of speeds.  Oh, sure, the ISPs haven’t disclosed that they’ll ever ban you from the Internet you paid for…  but I’m sure Chris Dodd will be earning his $15.5 MILLION in bonsus next year purchasing legislation that will bring it closer to reality.

So I pay the RIAA by buying an Iron Maiden record.

And I pay taxes to my government.

And I pay for my ISP connection to have the Internet.

For them to turn around and suspect me?  Accuse me?  AND punish me?

Heck no.  I’m your customer, buttheads.

You throttle my Internet speed that I PAID for – for ANY reason – and I’ll just find someone else who wants my business.   Cox wasn’t able to keep my connection AT ALL the last time I had them – I can’t imagine what throttling “ZERO” bitrate would be like.   And then we’ll go to small claims where I’ll terminate my contract with you, because that wasn’t in the agreement when I began services.  It’s called “Breach of Contract”, and I’ll post about it day and night if it happens.

From the public library, probably.  Of course, I won’t have Internet Service.  🙂

Qwest/CenturyLink – I’ll bet writing your important people later today expressing my displeasure of this idea, and my expectation as a customer that you leave my connection alone for any reason.    Thankfully, I don’t see Qwest/CenturyLink on the list of companies supporting this nonsense.  But don’t get any ideas.

I’m kind of a pain in the butt when I pay for misery.   Customers are funny that way.

I figure if you suspect me and need to send the police, you are free to send them over.  But they’ll need a warrant to look over my shoulder or step in my house.  For that you need probable cause and it needs to be juducially sanctioned.   Read up the 4th Ammendment.   Lots of people are ignorant on these matters.  I’m finding myself becoming quite educated, and quickly.

You don’t just decide to punish your customers because some political lobby gives you my name and says, “Hey, tool this guy”.   Remember who pays your bills.   I’ll go back to dial up,  so help me.

And I’d like to see you try and crimp THAT.



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