Pro-Tip: Make April Fool’s Day, Warranty Reclamation Day

You know what I hate?  Keeping track of things that aren’t easy to keep track of.

Ask my wife.  I lose my keys, set my wallet down in 1 of 5 places, and I just keep my cell phone on me, lest it walk away into the nether-regions of the couch, under the bed or under something on the hall table while the battery dies, placing the onus of importance versus planning square on my already weighted shoulders.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love April Fool’s Day.  In fact, I borrowed a great prank I saw my friend Jen Macy do on Facebook.  Needless to say, I won’t repeat exactly what it is, but let’s just say that I’ll never be able to change my birthday back to my birthday.

Here’s my idea of a great April Fool’s Day Prank:

But after that, then what?  Well really.. once the big prank is done, there’s not much left to celebrate for the day.

April Fools Day, and the surrounding week before and after has a special meaning for me.  It’s when I purchase anything that has an extended warranty.   Okay, you might point and laugh for me buying a 5 year warranty on a washing machine, or a dishwasher or a water heater, but hear me out.   I get a free inspection every year, and if I pay for that since it’s a selling point of GETTING the warranty, I intend on using it.   So how do I remember?

A week before April Fool’s Day, I call up 1-800-4-MY-HOME and schedule a service call for Sears (or other retailers) to come out.  If April Fools Day does come and I forgot, then it’s a reminder that I need to have my yearly inspection on my appliances.

It’s also the week that I look at my appliances before the extended warranty runs out, and determine if anything is broken, faulty or a problem.  That way, I can scheduele a repair before the warranty runs out.  A “last ditch hope” that if something were to go wrong, I might see symptoms.

I see people all the time say that they were just outside of the warranty when soemthing went wrong, and that “they should have called, but weren’t sure when the warranty was up”.  With a little planning, that person will never be me.

So there’s your Pro-Consumer tip this week.



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