Well, it seems like Obamacare has won.  Or, I should say the PPACA, since that’s the official name, and one of my very good and respected colleagues pointed out that the term “ObamaCare” is a pejorative used by Republicans as a negative way to talk about the bill.    Who knew?  Everyone uses the term.  It’s like “Bush Tax Cuts”.   People against it throw a little sarcasm in their voice if they think Bush was a twatwaffle.  Or “Reaganomics”. That was awesome. You can really see the hatred on someone’s face if they exaggerated “REAAAAAA-ga-NOM!! ICS!!” with disgust. Sheesh, people got sensitive about how we name bills, particularly for someone who offered this idea as his platform for BEING the President. It’s not like we recruited him.   (I almost said people were thin-skinned, and holy hell, let’s not go THERE…)

He doesn’t have problems taking credit for the whole thing.   At least he didn’t back in 2009 when he was interviewed by George Stephanopolopouslous-luppahippopotamussnufalufagus.

I’m Greek, so shut up.  I can say that.

And watch the video:

I’m not against healthcare.   I pay dearly for it.  In fact, I was in the hosptial this last month for a back problem, and the one visit cost me $3400. for some liquid valium and morphene.    They didn’t even take X-rays.   I had insurance, so I paid my $100. copay, and was whisked to relief.  I couldn’t imagine NOT having healthcare in this situation.   But where are the people who are pricing healthcare on their own and not finding an acceptable plan?  Are they giving up the non-essentials, like cell phones and cable TV to manage their health?  Statistics suggest that parents are more likely to get their kid a cell phone than get them health insurance.


91% of Americans use cell phones.

94% of American have cable or satellite.

81% of Americans are uninsured.

But praise the heavens, they have cell phones and can watch Maury.  Now if the government can hurry up and help out, we could ALL have EVERYTHING.  Amirite?  No, I’m being sarcastic, and I’m sorry.  Sort of.

I’m sorry, the whole “Republicans are bad” attitudes for merely opposing a really bad bill is just ill advised.   Even more so when done by the completely inept and uneducated.   Case in point, this rant from someone on Facebook who has no idea what apparently “anything” means:

First of all, not “every single American” will get covered, and this is not a very well advertised fact.   The dipsticks who watch Chris Matthews – this is news to you, so pay attention.   Sure, you might know if you’ve been following this.  But millions of people will be stuck in the same position they’re in.    Second, healthcare isn’t – nor should it be – a right.   Life saving measures are a right in the medical community with the Hippocratic Oath, swearing to practice medicine ethically, and with certain standards.  Having someone else pay for your pap smear or colonoscopy or acute acne is not – in my mind – free just because you think it should be.   Those are smart, health managing things to do, but they’re not a right and these services aren’t free.  And why should they be?  Should Congress decide that your industry “hook up the American public” with free stuff?   If so, get Mitt Romney on the phone.  My housing and lifestyle are a civil right, and don’t you forget it, either!  I figure we have enough rich people to tax what I owe on my house.   See what I did there? 

And while we’re on the subject of this hideous Facebook post, we’re not “lucky enough” to have Obama.  He’s not a leader that came by chance OR by luck.  He was voted in by an electoral college system based on the desire to take responsibility for the future of this country.  If you want to get technical, he was bought and paid for by the Recording and Movie Industry, for one.   I swear, sometimes I think people just believe our leaders “magically appear”.   You have to wonder if they might have accidentally voted for the Republican in the last election.   I mean we’re like 0 for 4 here.  What an idiot.

But why are the Republicans complaining so loudly?  They don’t stand for the Constitution either.  RomneyCare is…  you know, I just can’t stand the thought of RomneyCare.   Justice Ginsburg cited Romneycare as a reason for upholding Obamaca..  I mean, PPACA.  She even says so HERE.   Now, Romney says if elected, his first order would be to repeal it?  Oh good.  Your plan was so much better, Mitt.  A recent Reuters poll found that 77 percent of Republicans and 44 percent of Independents would be more likely to vote for a politician this November if they ran on a platform of repealing Obamacare.
Didn’t Mitt have a similar plan?  Yeah, I thought so.

But finally.  There’s a difference between the two canddiates.  Unfortuantely, it’s still the quip (note, not promise or intention to change anything) from Obama about gay marriage that came a few weeks ago.  Mitt hasn’t run a similar idea past the public yet.   Who knows, it might come.  Heh.  That’d tick off a lot of people.

But I’m not Republican, tho I was in the past, and I understand the argument.  But even the staunch, most ignorant Republicans have a general disdain for Obama that’s clearly undeniable.  But this policy really does suck, so unfortunately, they tend to have a point, even if it’s ill-aimed and not created or carried at an intellectual level.  “That there durn policy shore sucks” is still accurate if the policy sucks.  In other words, bad policy is bad policy, even if idiots say the policy is bad.   I also know people who support Obamac… errr PPACA for the wrong reasons too – it’s because personal preference for their Messiah was dutifully executed – and not because intelligence got in the way of their bigotry.  Or self-proclaimed proof of anti-bigotry.   Whatever.

So here’s what I am against.

I’m against how it was rammed into law, and the attitudes of those “Ends Justify The Means” types who looked past our leaders.  Leaders like Nancy Pelosi, who showed contempt to a reporter asking how a mandated healthcare could be Constitutional.  Instead of engaging in debate by even mentioning the Congress Commerce Clause (which would have at least given the talking heads something INTELLIGENT to discuss with point/counterpoint punditry), she berated the person asking and didn’t even answer the question.  Further, she then asked that the question be “stricken from the record”.  (It wasn’t a courtroom, it was a press media event, so whatever she thinks THAT means…!).    But the same political activists like Pelosi that would demand “The Rule of Law” be enforced and bemoaned Republicans for being so “interpretive” when fearing that the Bill would be struck down, suddenly accepted the clearly political “Interpretation of Law” as an acceptable alternative when it was upheld.   Oh, right, they also happened to agree with it.  See, I caught you guys.   Clever, but you didn’t get past ol Anthy here.  And I don’t do this for a living, so that makes you look even more stupid.

Why do I feel like I’m the only one pointing out that even the lamest attempt to consider that the Commerce Clause was intended to mandate taxes or services at the state level WITHIN THE STATE is a pathetic argument at best, but that the Supreme Court exercised politics over the Constitution and the Law, despite every pundit predicting otherwise?   Do people even understand the point of the Commerce Clause, and why it’s in the Constitution in the first place?  Obviously not.  OBVIOUSLY it’s there so that the Federal Government, after 200 years of NOT mandating citizing purchase anything, get Obamacare.  Our Founding Fathers clearly had this in mind, and NOBODY was smart enough for 200 years to see it that way until now.  Really?  REALLY?!

No, rhetoric matters more, and that kind of dampers my day.   “Caring about sick Americans” trumps “Rule of Law”, is that it?   Emotions rule the day?  Okay.   And I’m a happy guy.  I’m a lover, not a fighter.   So I’ll point out my minor dissent for those educated enough to bother actually looking at the groundbreaking historical event that happened today (and by that, I mean Congress’s new power, not Obamaca.. shoot, PPACA) and join the frolic and festivities.   Life is too short to be angry.   Besides, Obamaca…  PPACA I mean, is not going to be the thing that bankrupts the country.  Federal powers running our housing, transportation and banking industries are already hammering away at our country’s economic value, and the Republicans stand there with their ding-dongs in their hands, watching the trains go by.   This is a big drop, but not THE drop in the bucket.

I only wonder what new laws Republicans will make using this lame precident when they have an interest, and control in Congress.   Based on what Roberts said, Congress only needs to justify it as a tax.   Maybe some outreach church programs aimed to help the less fortunate.  I’d love to see people get taxed to help a Catholic Charity feed the homeless.  Or provide runaway youth with counseling and rehabilitation.   How about a Mormon organization that helps everyone, regardless of religious preference – are people willing to pay THOSE taxes too?  Or perhaps something silly, like a tax for the rich.  (There are enough self-loathing Hollywood types that would probably support that, too!)  And then you HAVE to pay it.   Wait wait… I got it – how about if they taxed our coffee?  Or – here’s a historical event lost on our next generation – what if they taxed our TEA?

I hope you’ll be as happy when the “evolving Constitution” makes you purchase other goods and services because it’s for your benefit, like Justice Roberts pointed out.  Like bus-riders insurance, or auto insurance – just in case you need them, and “for the good of all” if you don’t.  But let’s not dwell upon such unpleasantries on such an eventful day.  Such days will surely come for horrible, forthcoming taxes, and knowing the Republicans, it will be worse than this, and so for today, we shall eat and be merry.  Let it not be said that I would be the party crasher wrecking everyone’s good time.

Co-incidentally, if anyone is serving cake, I love cake.   Let me know and I’ll show up.  Seriously.   And ice cream.  I LOVE cake and ice-cream.

So today I will choose to join and celebrate the passage of Obamaca (errr.. sorry) PPACA with my leftist friends.  I’m counting on you to bring the beers for those upcoming Republican events, too, because you just taught the Pubbies that you can force people to participate in commerce as long as you ultimately admit that you’re taxing them.  But come on, at least man-up (or woman-up!) and ADMIT that Obamacar..  Drats, I mean PPACA… WAS INDEED A TAX.   Can I get an Amen on that?  Come on, I’m celebrating with you.  Give a little, get a little.   Admit it.  It’s okay, we already know.  Just say it.

Now, let’s feel happy about the trillions of dollars and millions of people who just got coverage at our expense.   Hurry, before the money is gone and the 30 million Americans who aren’t covered figure out who they are, and that they’re totally f***ed because they’ll be taxed additionally for someone else’s care and get none themselves.  Hey, maybe that’s a good thing for the Republicans.  30 million jilted votes add up.  Just what they need to control Congress and make you buy their used car too.  “As long as it’s a tax”, Roberts said.

So here’s the moral of the story:

Insanity is picking one of these sides and actually convincing yourself that you’re a better person for it.  Or that it’s right.

But pass that cake.  I’m starving!



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