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In Defense of Arizona, Intellignet Discussion Takes A Back Seat. Again.

If you even bother to open your mouth, sometimes you know there are a few people who – no matter who reads it – have already decided that you’re an idiot, and wil twist your words beyond anything recognizable to what you actually said.

So yes, commenting on this topic is a risk.  But it’s so much easier to just parrot inaccurate points that are popular, so that’s what thinking, compelling and intelligent people TRY TO INJECT into a discussion.  So if you’re a shallow blast-gasket who has already decided “what is truth” and you haven’t even read the bill, then just go back to being a follower, a simpleton and a rally tool.

You know, I become less of a fan of George Takai and other – otherwise intelligent and insightful – individuals when something regarding Arizona hits the news and seemingly all the “fans” jump to that side.  Without thinking or really looking at an idea objectively.   Cause we all know that if some popular figure says it, “it must be true!”.

Yes, Governor Jan Brewer pointed her finger in President Obama’s face.   So what?  The guy who yelled “You Lie!” during an actual State of the Union was long forgotten (probably something the Obama Administration is thankful for, since that statement ended up being true).   Was what she said disrespectful?  Perhaps.   But let’s remember that her attempt to meet in person 5 times with the Commander-In-Chief were – essentially the President standing up our governor when she arrived.   That’s pretty darn disrespectful no matter how you cut it.   I think a finger – in the big picture – was the least he had coming for wasting our Governor’s time.

Instead of asking WHY she did that, it was just merely pointed out that she DID do it.  And of course, it was “disrespecting a Black President”.   From a White Governor.   Yes, because all exchanges boil down to the worst essence of any possible, probable or suggestable RACISM.

Yes, SB-1070 was an attempt to establish status, and in many ways, curb the huge drug problem and thousands of miles of unsecured borders.  Naturally, this was viewed as “racist”, because many who ride the short bus didn’t read the short bill, which was pretty straighforward.  But the argument made was that “driving while brown” would be the new catch-phrase is ridiculous, since that’s already illegal – and would have remained illegal – under SB 1070.   Never mind the facts that you had to actually commit an offense to be pulled over.  But if you didn’t have a license, it doesn’t matter what color you are.  You still broke the law and it’s a peace officer’s job to identify you to make sure you’re without warrants.  “Papers Please” was a complete misunderstanding of the law, and anyone who bothered to educate themselves know that a peace officer has a right to determine who you are, or take you to the police station for identification.

That means you still have rights.  But if you refuse to answer even that, then you’re going to take a trip, just like any other time.

So instead of having the conversation at the local level of educated people representing a number of differing viewpoints,  we started seeing “Arizona is racist” banners, led – unbelievably – by Raúl M. Grijalva, the U.S. Representative for Arizona’s 3rd congressional district whose last election was won (the incumbant was an actual physicist and worked as aRocket Scientist engineer, Ruth McClung, who I thought was an amazing candidate, but that’s another day).

Following that was a group of bands who refused to tour through Arizona – mostly C-List musicians and Los Angeles disc jockeys, although Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot) and Rage Against The Machine also boycotted the Grand Canyon State.  But while the rallies and national news press continued, there was one thing absent:

An actual discussion.   Remember those?  News stations carried Point-vs-Point scenarios with respected guests and people who write the bils.  Talking with people who opposed the bils.  Then the news stations would report the news based on the facts – and in some rare cases, the news station would take a side.

Now Arizona, already with a “news projected reputation” for delivering bad policy (still behind Florida and New York, I submit)  gets accused of “passing a bill that allows religious people to discriminate”.

If you read that and wonder why it is I think that’s so stupid, let me set the record straight:

First, the bill doesn’t encourage anyone to say to anyone else, “Sorry piss off, my religion says suck an egg”. 

What you hear in the news is “what could, if such and such happened is [worst case scenario of only exasperated and hyperbole was to be delivered to the umpteenth degree]”, and that’s just nonsense, and we’ve heard this before with the Brewer Finger and the SB1070 bit.   Sure, it COULD, but it likely couldn’t be done without some other law or human rights statue being broken that’s already existing in law.

Second, SB1062 – if you read the actual bill – reaffirms the basic principle that the fundamental rights of free speech and the free exercise of religion do not stop at the exit door of yur church, but actually extend to every area of life. 

The reasons the sponsors of the bill submitted this was because some Arizonans were concerned that their religious rights were being taken away under the guise of political correctness – and I somewhat would agree with that statement.   San Diego removed a monument on Mt. Soledad, largely because it was in the shape of a cross.  That offended a handful of athiests who then had the entire monument deconstructed against the will of the majority of San Diego residents.   That’s not right – and thats the sort of thing that these lawmakers wanted to do.

Third, EVERY individual has the right to religious freedom and First Amendment expression as long as they don’t deny the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of another.    And I think this is the crux of the argument.

Me offering a service and not accepting your terms is NOT a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT any more than I’m obligated to pay for a bum to clean my windshield at a stoplight with his bottle of Windex and newspapers.   However, I would put my normal considerations aside as a customer and be willing to negotiate.  Or refuse to pay.  He also could wait for the next light or move to the next car.   I could be a total drag and call the cops, or I can just mind my business and let this guy earn enough to get a sandwich.  Or I could be charitable.  Or I could get out and beat his ass for touching my shiny new car, and while the courts might take my side, that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

Instead of having a discussion on differences – which is what TOLERANT people would do – the discussion was ALREADY DECIDED without any actual points being offered.   Sure, it’s compelling television to watch gay-news host Anderson Cooper completely destroy and talk over some old guy who had generic answers, but the questions that was asked were not honest questions.  They were accusations with a question mark at the end.   THAT is NOT a discussion.

By the admission of the accusers and hyperbole drivers, there was NOT ONE LAW that was violated prior to this bill coming to pass.  I myself am wary (and weary) of useless bills and laws that only hammer the status-quo to the point of stupid.   So let’s get over that this was “white Christian guy” policies saying businesses can discriminate.  That’s not right.  It’s saying that you can practice your faith, and the burden of proof is in an Arizona court for

So I’m going to offer three scenarios:

1.  Let’s take the Christian cake baker in Colorado that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, citing that it violated their faith.    It’s pretty telling that we’ve gone from “we want equality” to “I told you to bake me a damn cake to my specifications” in only a few short years.   I agree 100% with equality, and think everyone deserves equal treatment under the law.  If you’re an American human being, you deserve the same rights as the guy AND girl next to you.  What you do is your choice, and I believe we all answer to God.  Believe me, my sins are no better than anyone elses, so that’s for each person to work out for themselves – I sure don’t have time to keep track of my sins, much less yours and remind you of them!    But here’s what I wouldn’t support:

I wouldn’t support forcing a Christian bakery to bake a wedding cake if they believe it to be unGodly.
Or compel a Muslim bakery to cook pork products.  That’s unGodly to them.
Or compel an Israeli Subway franchise to offer cheese (I’ve been there.  They just don’t do it on religious principles.)
Or compel a gay owner’s bakery to make “God Hates Gay People” themed cakes.  (That’s an insult – again, principles)

While I realize the gay owner’s bakery is not a religious organization, we can all agree that there are instances where NOT doing business is actually better for all parties, and “refuse service to anyone” should be a justifiably allowed policy for “ANY REASON” for many states already.   Nobody has to get offended, or wonder “what went in the batter” and all that other nonsense that people would fling before, during and after the transaction.

I would not expect a photographer who is not gay-friendly to catch a good wedding kiss photo at a gay marriage ceremony.  I would want someone enthusiastic, excited and passionate about capturing the right moment, not someone who is repulsed by it.    Is it me, or is this just common sense that I’m pulling out of my ass here?   Rather, I’d be HAPPY if I called some guy who had an axe to grind against heterosexual couples, and he said, “you know, I really don’t want to do it because I think you and all of the heteros are gross”.  Okay, I’m on a level of privilege here, but let’s take it for what it’s worth:   I’d thank him or her and find someone who was ecstatic about my business and the big moment of the day that I will have for the rest of my life!

Let me ask you this:  Do you really want to eat that friggin’ cake in Colorado from a baker who didn’t want to make it but was court ordered to do so?   I don’t!!  I couldn’t think of a less appealing idea than someone who hated and despised his task at hand, and then expects me to eat the result of what he made in that mindset.   Why not just scream insults about one’s mother at your local fast food drive-through order-speaker?  Here’s why:  the human response would be that you’ll discover something extra in your burger bag.   The folly of ANY bullying is believing that you’ll get a better result.

2.  I’m a capitalist!   If this guy really wanted to do it right, he’d take the gay couple’s money, and put 10% tithe into the church plate or to help the poor – also a religious dotrine.  That way, everyone wins.  A cake is provided, a service is rendered, money is made, and money is filtered properly.   I don’t remember Jesus asking people what their faith was.   Did he ask the woman at the well?  No.  How about the guy serving the last supper?  No.   How about the innkeeper for Joseph and Mary?  Did we know his faith before a room was requested?  No.    How about the ship carrying Jonah across the ocean?  Or the sellers in the temple?  No and No.

It’s my opinion that it’s silly to determine someone’s faith, lifestyle or attitude when it comes to providing services.  Someone who was offended could have simply done a “Yelp!” review, and gay people would never have come back.  Instead, the media has tarred and feathered the bakery, and they closed their doors.   But if you really don’t feel comfortable with a client, it should be okay to say, “yeah, thats not okay, we can’t do business”.  For WHATEVER reason.  And if you’re a bigot, you’re doing your customer a huge favor by sending his money away.  Customer, you should appreciate this and spend your dollar in a better place.

3.  Most of us live by these rules already.  Just that we’re mature adults about it.     I do this for ultra-leftist panty-waists who are ignorant enough to stick a “No Guns Allowed” policy on the entrance to their business.   I don’t go and bitch at them, or dare them, or walk in and prance with it, daring them to tell me to take it outside.   I don’t call the press and moan about my rights as a Constitutionally Protected American Citizen.   I don’t call them names, or attempt to put them out of business.   I COULD be a complete prick about it, since by law, they MUST approach me and ask me to remove it after I’m in the building, even with the sign.  But I don’t.  You know why?  BECAUSE I’M AN ADULT.    Instead, I do the intelligent thing.  I go in and ask about it WITHOUT my sidearm, and politely express my desire to enter wearing it.  If they don’t want to remove the sign or don’t want to make an exception for me, then I go somewhere that likes me and my gun’s business.  I’ve learned in some cases they will, and some they won’t.  I have the money to spend, they have the service I want, so it’s up to either one of us to decide what is right, and – look – BOTH of us WITH OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS….  watch closely…   CAN BE RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME!    They can lose my business on their principles, and I can be inconvenienced to find someone else for my principles.  This idea that only one side can win is stupidly insane. 

See?  That didn’t require a law!!!

I saw comparisons to white-only lunch counters on Facebook.  Unbelievable.  Nobody is pushing this agenda.  This isn’t about excluding people, it’s about living based on your values.   And as a result, taking your business to someone who will appreciate those values.   I can tell you from a Capitalist point of view – the more people you potentially refuse to do work for, the less work you’ll have.  It’s a bad move, so choose wisely!

I even saw a comparison to Neuremburg and Hitler, and when “Godwin” accusations flying, the original poster actually defended that viewpoint.  “This mindset is what brought on Nazi Germany”.    Again, intelligent discussion takes a backseat to hyperbole and the scramble to equate a disagreement point of business ethics to concentration camps and genocide.  I lost a tiny bit of respect for a respected colleage I usually “agree to disagree with” on that one.  NFL, Apple and others were so quick to stand up for the hype, I doubt any of them actually read the bill.   That should concern you that policy is decided on by people’s reactions, and not the policy.  It should concern you greatly.  Lack of reaction does NOT ensure good policy!

Faith-shaming people for doing something they believe in because it opposes or conflicts with something YOU believe in is a reason why intelligent discussion should be had.  But it makes both sides require “Tolerance”.  One side is often fond of championing it, but rarely do they apply it equally – to themselves – when disagreeing with something they find “appalling”.

Taking it to the Public Court of the Media is just asking for bullet points, worst case scenarios and accusations.

Arizona is a great place to live.  We have our problems like everyone else.  We have our conservative (non-political conservative, mind you) areas, and we have our gay popular areas too.  But we do have Red State status, so you know that’s always going to be a whiny point with somebody who wants to make a buck.

I love this state.  It’s progressive Conservatism while strangely voting in a unique liberal balance, it has more freedoms than most places and has a laid back atmosphere and a huge diverse group of people who get along really well.   You’d never know that by watching the news talk about our state.  My local Congressman is a Democrat, and we’ve posed for pictures more than once.  He’s a great guy, and I judge him on his merit.   He has helped our neighborhood get a new park, he is empowering the neighbors, assisting the police and voting for policies that represent most of his constituents.

See if I was like the people who judge based on a soundbyte and shallow “sides taking”, we could never get along.  Cause he’d be the Evil Side.   This is exactly why people need the whole story, rather than the “Arizona votes to let people hate gays” nonsense that has been assigned to this bill.

Expect more of it.  But if you’re going to parrot people’s Facebook posts or form an opinion, then look at the issue and text itself, read the story, or bill, or law in whole and THEN judge for yourself.



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In Soviet Russia, The Billionaires Make Better Policy Than The Government

Being of Greek descent, one of the things “my people” have given humanity is a reminder every four years to get together and have a little competitive fun.  Drink a little wine.  Be civilized.   Be naked and participate in bath orgies.  Okay, maybe not that one so much these days, but Greek Philosophers WERE(okay, me included, ARE) unarguably some of the world’s best thinkers, and a lot of credit is due to Greeks for their contributions to society.

My grandfather served his community as a market owner who gave food to “those people” in “that neighborhood” in Chicago because they were hungry and he had to get rid of food before it spoiled and served nobody.  So he drove it down himself.  At his funeral, you wouldn’t have known a Greek person had passed away.

My father does his own contributions, too many to list here.  Greeks as a people are quite generous in the large spectrum of society, and have many instances of documented humanity in history.

One of them being the Olympics.

So to the hard-working athletes, I apologize ahead of time, but I won’t be tuning into the Olympics this year.  It’s not your fault, but it’s a point of principle that doesn’t allow my actions to contribute to some serious issues that I may even share with many of you.

Russia, this year, has taken that beautiful gift, our Communal Crystal Vase of Excellence, reached out with a velvet glove in front of every nation, and taken and COMPLETELY SMASHED that whole concept and sent the world back about 50 years.

With the recent Gay Rights violations, I’m almost surprised that Russia hasn’t also considered not allowing women to participate.   I mean, if you’re going to go back in time and make some laws, don’t half-ass it.  Go all out and show your entire inability to allow progress and equality to be a staple.

Even Google, and their usual left-of-center politics felt the need to make a point to Russia, and they do a wonderful job.  I hope you bigots in Russia are getting the point.  And you know Google attention doesn’t come easy.  There’s usually some unheard of inventor or NPR-esque tribute to a little-known contributor to society on their homepage.  So when you get their attention, it’s for a reason.


Fine, we Greeks didn’t allow women to participate initially in Ancient Greece.  You could make that argument in a lame attempt to “trump me” into some feigned fairness bicker where you’d still lose.  But we needed women to judge the races at the finish line.  If you’ve ever met a Greek woman, you know that once she sees something, you’re not going to argue with her because her mind is made up.  Every Greek woman makes the perfect referee.  You’re going to lose if you contest a Greek woman, and you’ll lose every time, and if you don’t ante up, she’ll pull your ear, spritz your eyes with Windex and drag your ass around until you concede.  No good Greek man dares object.

This is how the Olympics worked until people want to get all digital and put cameras everywhere.  Then one year, we invited the Chinese, and they showed up with crates and outfitted everything with electronics – digital timers, photographs of the finish line, buzzers…..  And the rest is history.

I’m kidding.  Lighten up.

Women DID compete in 1900 (Paris, if memory serves correctly), and that was still far ahead of most women’s rights movements.  With the addition of women’s boxing to the Olympic events, the 2012 Games in London were the first in which women competed in all the sport events.  Again, some countries are still waiting for that, and women worldwide should have that equality.  As should all groups.

I’m going to assume that the ancient Greeks weren’t exactly all monogamous, and it’s quite possible that a few were… you know… teetering on their sexuality.   So let’s finally get with it.  If we’re going to exclude someone from the Olympics, its because they don’t deserve to be there FOR THEIR PHYSICAL ABILITY, and not ANY other reason.  

The Gay Rights issue is one good reason I’ll be boycotting.  Shame on you, Russia, for not allowing a qualified participant under the Olympic Committee have safety and freedom from harassment.   If you can’t handle this as a national issue, DON’T HOST THE PEA-PICKIN’ OLYMPICS!   Your biggest LGBTQ consideration should be if someone qualifies to be in the MENS ROOM or the LADIES ROOM, and even then, THEY get to choose their identity, and your job… quite frankly… .is to make sure that facility is clean enough.

But it doesn’t even end at human abuses.

I just read this article from the New York Times:

The other issue that rips my Jockeys is the horrendous abuse as far as the euthanasia of street dogs.   Can I use the term, “genocide” in this?  Is that fair?  Genocide is defined as, “the deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.”    Okay, so “species” isn’t included, but you get my point.

Here’s what one of those exterminators had to say:

“A dog ran into the Fisht Stadium, we took it away,” he said. “God forbid something like this happens at the actual opening ceremony. This will be a disgrace for the whole country.”


What’s a disgrace is that your country is so ass-backwards that it has no “Spay or Neuter” program for citizens – that is, until the last minute when they all must be “rounded up”.   Not all countries have a management program, but to nail them down like you’re doing so that “it doesn’t look bad?”   That’s what I find MOST inhumane.
What’s a disgrace is that your construction industry promotes this problem without a responsibility for cleaning up.  Sterilization is not promoted, and animal abuse isn’t against the law.
What’s a disgrace is that you shoot them with poison that suffocates them after painfully disabling them until the compound finally shuts down vital organs.
What’s a disgrace is that it takes TOURISM DOLLARS and an INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY for you jackholes to wake up and address a problem of stray, hungry dogs, and the only “solution” is a government funded program to “round them up and kill them” for $25-35. each.

Yet,  you vacant-headed marmalukes think that a “dog entering the stadium” is a black mark on your country?   Are you kidding me?

From a CNN Report:  (Footage of dying dogs on video – you were warned)

“At first I thought someone beat the dog,” she recalled. “The dog jumped up and started running around in circles. Then she fell down and started spitting up … I called the veterinarian. He said there is a 100% guarantee the dog was poisoned.”

Krasova filmed the dying dog with her cell phone. So did Irina Gutnik, another Sochi resident.

Gutnik said she encountered a dog convulsing and barking in fear and pain in Sochi’s Bitka neighborhood in December.

“They always poison the street dogs here,” Krasova said. “But in December it got terrible … they began poisoning the animals terribly before the Olympics.”

And get this:  A BILLIONAIRE – one of those “Ritchey Rich ONE Percenters”, famous for International hate and scorn and anti-adornship, yet one with a heart…  STOOD UP and made a makeshift shelter for ALL of the dogs, while animal activists are trying desperately to save every possible pup.

Clearly Russia’s millionaires have a little more class than some of America’s millionaires.  Instead of buying boobs or “vagina tucks” or buying countless cars and mansions to the point where they lose count of how many they own  (Like Senator John McCain, R-AZ)…  RUSSIA has a BILLIONARE –  one uses their money for good, giving back to their community and at least appearing to be a humanitarian, if not an animaltarian.   (Yeah, it’s a word now, and if you disagree, I’ll tell a Greek woman that you said she was ugly.  Good luck with that.)

The Russian Government appears to not have moved forward much, but their people have, and that gives me hope.   To the nameless person in Russia, please know that many of us tip our hats with respect to you.  You’re “doing it right!”.

This is not the Olympics the Greeks gave you – one with kinship, and a competitive-yet-equal community.  Other countries have managed to at least get a “C+” in regards to human rights.  Not this year.  This is the Ruble-lympics, made so Mother Russia can pontificate their country’s “Great Favor of Nations” in a nation that is broken, intolerant to both humans AND animals, and one where the dollar – and short term reputation – comes first.

This is a farce, and barring any appearance by the Scorpions performing,  I’m not participating by watching, supporting or donating until we can find a host country that has a modicum of decency, or the Olympic Committee starts doing a better job of choosing cities.   This isn’t something that just “popped up” in recent “weeks”.  This was a serious oversight that should have disqualified Russia if anyone had bothered to walk around the area to see if it would indeed interfere.

Good luck to the competitors.  I’m sorry you have to compete in a backwards-ass country for your hard-earned moment of glory.  You deserve better as professional athletes, but I can’t send a dollar in this year to this bad decision.

If that’s not bad enough, there are unconfirmed rumors that Putin’s girlfriend will be lighting the Olympic torch:

I didn’t realize that “Presidential ****-Sucking was an Olympic Torch Qualifier these days.  I should really get with the times.

Wait.  THIS is Putin’s girlfriend?   How YOU doin?

I know what YOU’RE really good at!  Gymnastics!

(No seriously, she is.  In 1998 at 15-years-old, Kabaeva won the European Championships in Portugal.  That’s a fact.)

Sorry.  I was distracted.  Back to the point:

The Olympic Committee needs to step up and punish the wrongs of both human rights, animal rights, and favoritism happening this time, and work diligently to make sure it doesn’t happen again at any other place or time.

The treatment of the Olympics, of people, of animals and favoritism by the government is unacceptable.

I’m tuning out.   Good luck American athletes.  Go get em’.


Edited to add:    While Greece is not immune to the social ills described above, we’ve taken preference from other countries for less.  It’s time to make sure equality is judged in performance, rather than anything else.  The country’s anthem is played to honor the nation and the athlete.

Edited AGAIN to add:  The Scorpions are German.   Wow, I’m going to send MYSELF to the corner with my head down for 10 minutes of QUIET TIME for that blunder.

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Letter to Walgreens CEO #1



February 3, 2014

(Address removed for the crapbats who send spam and hate mail. lulz.)

Gregory D. Wasson
Chief Executive Officer, President and Director
108 Wilmot Road
Deerfield, Illinois 60015

Mr. Wasson;

I reach out to you in frustration and concern, and hope you can inform me of your corporate policy.

As a Block Watch Captain and volunteer neighborhood advocate in my Phoenix, AZ neighborhood, we’re working hard to keep our community safe for our residents.

Recently, we came across some prescriptions of Codeine (for “Drank”, a popular street drink), filled by Walgreens, being openly sold on some Facebook and Craigslist pages where people sell guns, drugs, spray paint and trade for dogs.    While the seller usually blocks out their name, they usually forget to block out the RX number on the bottle – key information that identifies someone if the pharmacy is willing to act.

When we reach out to your competitor, CVS, they are happy to accept a picture, click a link we send, investigate, notify the doctor and even call the police so we aren’t targets for reporting it.   One CVS Pharmacist has even given me her cell phone number so that when we come across prescriptions being sold by CVS locations, I can just snap a picture of my screen and send it to her.  I get a “thank you” and a follow-up phone call letting me know that our partnership is appreciated and that action was taken.   Too often, those medicines end up in our neighborhood, or traded for drugs or guns.   CVS “gets it”.

Out of 2 stores and 4 Pharmacy employees, I’ve learned that Walgreens does NOT “get it”.   At all.

This came from your store on 3502 West Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ.  The RX number is [redacted] and this picture is currently on Facebook, though they usually get deleted after they’re sold:


[Anthnopology:  (The picture I sent lists the RX number)]

I was told by the pharmacy that actually filled the prescription that, “It’s not really our problem, see,  it’s probably a police matter”.    Well, sure.   I have volunteered with the PPD for several years here in Phoenix and do ride-alongs monthly with officers in my area in their patrol units.  I can tell you firsthand that none of the 5-7 officers on duty at any time in my precinct are exactly equipped to drop what they’re doing for a single drug felony when I can only provide an RX number.  I can’t even provide a name – though, Walgreens CAN.    But Walgreens isn’t interested in doing that.   Do you see why this concerns me?

The difference here is that CVS saw a concern that could negatively affect the surrounding community they do business in.  They took action, they took responsibility, they called the doctor, flagged the person in their system and they put the community at ease.   That’s what good stewardship looks like.

In contrast, Walgreens ignored my request, begrudgingly “took what information I had” with a very uninterested “We’ll look into it, I guess” attitude, gave me no reason to believe that they even care, and then told me that if [you] are *really* concerned, “go call the cops”.   With what?  An RX number?!

It takes me 4 hours with the police – as a community partner even – to do what a Walgreens Pharmacist can do in 5 minutes on the phone, and in that time, they can even contact the prescribing doctor to inform him or her.   I can’t do any of that.   My question is:  Why won’t Walgreens do that?  CVS does, so clearly, it’s not so much that Walgreens can’t do this… but is unwilling to do this, unaware to do this, and uninterested in doing this.

On 1-30-2013, I called your Customer Care Department and asked what the policy is when a customer reports that prescriptions filled are being sold illegally online, and there are pictures to prove it.  Surely your customer care would know what to do in this situation.

“We don’t know to do in that situation”, says the customer care agent.   NOBODY knows what to do, except “maybe call the police”.     “But our Customer Service Manager will review your question and return your call in 24-48 hours.   And if we don’t return your call, please call us back and give us your phone number as your reference number”.   Seriously?  Your call center can’t even commit to calling ME back?

Now get ready, Mr. Wasson.  You’ll be as shocked as I to learn that they didn’t call back, (at the time of this letter, it’s going on 60 hours now, not even counting weekends) and I really don’t believe anyone can handle this except someone at the Executive Level.   I have no faith in the Pharmacists or Technicians in the stores in my neighborhood, but I have faith that someone at the top MUST care about this.   Surely there’s a policy to report felony distribution of controlled substances!

Please send me your company’s policy so that I can either go into a Walgreens location near me and build a relationship with a Pharmacist near my zip code who will actually do the right thing on the occasional occurrence that this sort of thing happens, or make a program that makes reporting this easy, confidential and actionable (read:  believable and accountable) on Walgreens’ part.

I welcome a partnership, and look forward to seeing Walgreens step up to the plate.  It takes nothing but minimal time and effort to contact the prescribing doctor and flag someone for abusing controlled substances for them to either stop, or to make it more difficult for them to do so.  In fact, it takes more time and effort for me to find the information online in the first place than it takes your people reporting it.   So how about we meet halfway?

I’d like to see your company’s policy on this matter, please.  My address is above.

I appreciate your time and look forward to your reply.


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