UPDATE!! Letter to Walgreens CEO #1 Answered

Great news!  Walgreens is willing to help Phoenix communities and the Phoenix Police Department identify and investigate illegal sales of prescription medicine.


Many of you read (and some of you voted) on my blog post to Walgreens CEO Gregory Wasson regarding two Walgreens Pharmacy managers who refused to assist with criminals selling pharmaceutical medications online, or trading them for guns, shoes and stereos.

If you didn’t, you can do that here:

I was contacted yesterday by a regional manager who gave me his phone and email and who understands the situation and willing to be a “point man” for this issue.   Walgreens has not only stepped up, but upon receiving credible information, they may at their discretion:

1.  Contact the police

2.  Contact the doctor

3.  And something else, but I agreed not to say what.

THANK YOU, Walgreens!   I’m thrilled to hear that your upper management has it together and willing to take action in the communities you serve.

Up to now, I also wanted to present a snapshot of the vote as of today, so that you can see prior to the outcome, and what it is now (at that post).


Not everyone agreed with my stand, and that’s good.  I wanted the opinions.

I am happy to endorse and shop at Walgreens again.





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One response to “UPDATE!! Letter to Walgreens CEO #1 Answered

  1. ljb

    You absolutely did the right thing. I’m glad my retarded kids cannot buy this stuff as easily now because of your push back. Way to make someone take responsibility for something they didn’t care about to begin with! The real truth will come out if Walgreens’ “actionable” plan is sustainable too

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