Leland Yee – A Review Of Gun Control Quotes

Let’s start this entry with a happy picture, with Presidential partnership, Senators united against a common enemy:

Criminals.   Citizens.


I say that because when it comes to gun control, it’s always the citizens that have to give up a right.  It’s never the criminals that get a step-up in punishment.  And we see this with the latest example of California’s newest criminal in the illegal Arms Trade industry:


By “strengthen”, he would eventually mean, “break”.

And by “State Law”, he would mean, “State and Federal Law”.

By now, most of you are already aware that California’s State Senator Leland Yee might qualify as a worthy candidate for “Hypocrite of the Year” after an FBI investigation revealed that the Anti-Gun Senator was caught in the act of something far more nefarious than the “gun show loophole”.

It’s true. The disgraced Democrat exchanged campaign contributions for unknowingly introducing an (undercover FBI) “buyer” to an arms trafficker to help criminals get shoulder-fired FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons and missiles.


Let me repeat that.

Fully Automatic shoulder fired rifles.  And missiles.


Image 7

This is way better firepower than the semi-automatic guns us mere, pleeby citizens are “entitled” to, according to arsenal-selling pimps like our Senator friend here whose verbal proclamations are woefully inconsistent with his bill-writing and voting record.

Yes, he was the pointman for illegal arms including shoulder rocket launchers from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines.

So while our allegations have yet to pan out, the glaring fact that a State Senator has access and contacts in the criminal element is one that cannot be unseen.   Unless your head is buried in the sand like some of those “Nyeh I don’t like guns” groups you know.

Since we know that people like Senator Leland have disdain for the law, not to mention the Constitution now, this helps us understand WHY, I’ve decided to pick a few Tweets from Senator Yee’s Twitter feed to illustrate the words of an alleged Illegal Arms Dealer and how his “Gun Control Gameface” rhetoric is exactly like everything you normally see from gun grabbers – as they always exempt themselves from the very rules they make.

Let’s continue with this gem:


Dec 17, 2012

Ahhh yes.  If only I had a dime for every time I heard THAT term.

“For our kids”.

I enjoy debating this particular point often, because those kids are totally immune to rocket launchers and other explosives by extremists (or California Senators) who need to make a fast buck to get more weapons on our streets.

The problem with the “for our kids” argument is the wording suggests that guns only kill kids.  Therefore, if there were no guns, kids wouldn’t be killed.  But guns kill intruders.  Guns kill rapists, and men who seek to hurt women and children.

OR it suggests that if it wasn’t for kids, these stupid laws wouldn’t have an emotional patsy to assign, and thus, would never pass the muster for what constitutes “adult conversations”.  This is probably more true than any of us care to admit.

“Why do you need more than 10 rounds in your magazine?”
“Maybe because there are three criminals breaking in.”

It also illustrates the fallacy that kids are the only victims of gun violence.

Last year, over 200,000 women used a firearm to defend themselves AND THEIR KIDS from intruders, from rape and from murder and break-ins where they were in danger.

Sorry.  “For the kids” doesn’t work.  It’s outdated.  It was yesterday’s logic foiled by today’s statistics repeated by tomorrow’s fools.  Deal with it.

Incidentally, I have a shotgun near my bed at night.  It’s loaded, and has a fancy light on it.  Know why I have it?  “For our kids”.

Onto the next one:


15 MILLION women have stepped up to take training classes to learn to defend themselves.  (Kleck and Gertz, “Armed Resistance to Crime,” at 185.)  They are roughly 25% of the gun owners, and the protection they need is protection they can handle.

If you were interested in protecting the public,  try selling the best weapons to the citizens, rather than the criminals.

In fact, I find it interesting that Senators like Lee and Feinstein always talk about “guns falling into the wrong hands”.  It’s not us doing it, Senators.  You’re outfitting some drug-running terrorists, and then blaming citizens for the criminals having guns – and as a result, we need MORE LAWS so CITIZENS won’t be injuring KIDS.

And that’s the constructed straw-man argument being systematically dismantled by facts:

Most guns aren’t sold at gun shows.
Criminals don’t go to gun stores.
I know a Facebook page where kids trade guns for shoes.
There’s not enough police manhours available to prosecute.
So they can only really prosecute the “big guys”.
And citizens are responsible for defending their own lives.


NOT lies, as told often by the likes of Sen. Leland Yee.


The only mass-reloading here is the shovel to manure truck of misinformation unfairly pointed at the Gun Lobby.

Fine, sure some lobbyists have a whacked idea of what “common sense” is.   In California, you have a Senator who improperly holds guns.  If you want to see a “fight against common sense”, start with the idiots who endanger their own supporters during speaking engagements.  Those safety mechanisms are off, the chambers are closed, and their fingers are on the trigger.   “commonsense”, indeed!




Ahhh yes, the “loophole” in the assault weapons law.  We’d certainly hate to think you had any COMPETITION with selling illegal weapons, Senator Yee.   Imagine being undercut by “Two-Block Tony on the Street Corner”!

I love watching Colin Noir completely DESTROY this whole concept of the loophole, which is ridiculous at worst, and.. well, politics at best:

Leland 11

…. by demonizing citizens of having 12 rounds magazines…

…. while arming illegal criminals with guns that shoot typical cyclic rates of fire are 460–900 Rounds Per Minute for assault rifles (1,000-1,100 RPM in some cases), 900-1,200 RPM for submachine guns and machine pistols, and 600-1,200 RPM for machine guns.

Senator Yee, this is NOT how we commit ourselves to a safer society.

What if one of those criminals went to Sandy Hook?


Yes, thank goodness.  To battle the staggering death toll of 0 people who have died as a result.


I love that.  “I’m a leader, and 4 weeks later, I’m ready to be ready to take steps to do something”.  What a grand announcement of do-nothing.

Bonus:  That “something” has nothing to do with Newtown.


This is probably the most disgraceful one.  While Piers Morgan took great pains to invite pretty much “just anybody with a stupid mouth” to his show (including The ‘Nuge for you people who think I’m just Anti-Democrat.  I’m not, but it seems the dumbest people with regard to 2A is the lefty siders, like it or not.). What Morgan’s journalistic ‘integrity’ failed to do was bring people who were actually affected by the very gun laws that Leland Yee proposes, and instead invited a bunch of “what-if” pundits.

But Anth!  There might not be any victims willing to come forward!

Amanda Collins will.  She was raped on a campus 50 feet from the campus police station.   She also has a carry-conceal permit, but couldn’t defend herself because of School policy.

CNN’s Piers Morgan denied Collins’ request to come on his show and tell her story.  Remember that “uncaring gun lobby” earlier?  They allowed her time on their show for her to tell her story.


Immediately, Democrats rallied around her – almost immediately – to:

Make sure women could defend themselves with carry permits.  No.
Increase security on the campus.  No.
Increase the hours the campus police were present.  No.
Lecture Amanda and give her tips and suggestions on how to better deal with the next rape – by using ballpoint pens, because women were too unstable to know if they “feel” attacked.  Because “some women might go all blam-blammy” on some poor innocent guy.  YES, they actually said that sort of nonsense to her in a news conference.

“There are some gender inequities on college campuses, this is true and universities have been faced with that situation for a long time. It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, that’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble and when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop — pop a round at somebody.”


So you can’t carry on campus, and in some parts of California, you can’t have a gun with more than 7 rounds.  You can’t drive on the freeway with a loaded gun – they must be unloaded and locked, separated from ammunition.   How are you even protecting yourself?

Not only did Senators like this legislate the rape of Amanda Collins by stripping her of her rights and reducing everyone else’s right to respond, they increased the danger and firearm capacity of criminals who intentionally seek to endanger citizens.

And there’s a word for that.


I hope, if guilty, Mr. Lee gets the appropriate maximum sentence.  The irony would be if it was by firing squad.  By guns he brokered.  But drug lords are funded every day.  As usual, instead of making laws that affect the criminals, Senator Yee has made laws that protect the criminals and limit the citizens.

This is why Gun Control is the epic failing political strategy of all time.  It’s a stupid idea whose time has long gone.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any “Tough on Crime” quotes from Senator Yee on his Twitter feed.  Then again, it was only a matter of time, so why should he make his own prison sentence longer?

But if anything, this illustrates the absolute need for the 2nd Amendment.  It’s the ability for the citizen to protect themselves from dangerous criminals like Senator Yee and his customers.




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3 responses to “Leland Yee – A Review Of Gun Control Quotes

  1. nobody

    Having lived in China…I can honestly say and say it without a doubt…this nation should NEVER, EVER allow anyone from Chinese orientation (especially 1st or 2nd generation) to hold ANY kind of office of power – what-so-ever here in the States. It’s a reality AND warning I give all of you. There are cultural differences that there are not enough pages to write about here. Back stabbing and behind your back pay offs are a COMMON practice over there, business or otherwise. Integrity means NOTHING…and it’s not what we, as a people of the United States, want for us. This is straight from a china person’s mouth and is a KNOWN philosophy in China…”Life is cheap, time is money.”

  2. ljb

    Clean your own damned dining room!

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