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It’s official. Tonight stopped being about Mike Brown

I marvel when I look at the passion of the human condition. We rally together in disaster when we sense our own humanity (or mortality), and then turn on each other for the same reasons.

Michael Brown got shot to death, and was (pathetically) left in the street for way too long.  Three separate reports, including one done independently by the Federal Government (whisked up by Former Attorney General Eric Holder, for Pete’s sake!), didn’t contradict on the key points – and were essentially… consistent accounts.

Three reports.  From three very separate sources.  Consistent.  That’s a freakin’ miracle.  That.. or… those were actually the facts.

While the treatment of Mike Brown’s body after the fact was inexcusable, the actions prior to them were equally inexcusable.   Mike Brown dared the Officer to react, and the Officer did indeed react.   If you charge a cop, you risk it.   Sorry, Mr. Brown Sr.    The officer is not the “killer of your child”.  The officer “reacted because your child was charging him, ignoring his commands to get down,  with a sneer after trying to steal a deadly weapon from a uniformed officer in a marked police car”, while matching the description of someone who just committed a robbery.

If your tall-and-fat pothead kid sneers at me, charges me with his hand under his waistband, I’d fear for my life too.  Now, I’m not a cop, and I don’t have access to know he’s a suspect in a crime, so I’d run.  But if he followed me and cornered me, I’d do the same thing, and for the same reason.   I don’t know what the kid might or might not have, but cops don’t have the luxury of risking their life to find out if they’re being bluffed.  Nor should they have to.  First responders, as far as I’m concerned, have every right to be on the defense.

When you grab a cop’s gun, you’ve just asked to be shot.   If you don’t understand that, you’re just going to have to either figure it out, or be removed from the gene pool as a Darwin Award Candidate.   This kid was “so bad ass” that he could grab a cop’s gun and run?   That’s not stupid.  That’s dangerously stupid.  That’s “disregard for reality” stupid.


Here’s what angers me. Witnesses who stated things to the press had a different story to the Grand Jury, which is great when you want to win the court of public opinion for a “killed child”.  It gets your soundbyte and face on TV, and gives you credibility of being part of something big. REALLY big.  To some, this is historical.  But does it change history?

Here’s what it doesn’t do: it doesn’t really provide a sense of justice when you tell the Brown Family a false story, and allow that family to set up an expectation for actual justice based on a lie, only to learn that not only is their kid dead, but all the people who gave them a reason to hope, or a “fall guy”, or a villain dressed as an officer… all these people essentially lied to the Brown Family.

In their hunger to find a race war, they lied to a grieving family.  Aren’t they suffering enough?

It’s called “false witness”, and you can say what you want about faith or this concept, but at the end of the day, it’s a real crummy thing to do. Seems like maybe Moses got that one right in the 15 err… 10 Commandments, and isn’t so awful, is it?


I’m just going to say it. Michael Brown’s case was reviewed to the point where it was beaten to death. There’s nothing left to discuss.   There ARE cases out there that have to do with race that address the actual problem that I do believe does exist with some officers.  Some Officers ARE racist.   Some are criminals.  But not just because they’re white and pull over black people.   Or not because they’re black and pull over white people.   But because they’re horrible people who have little self-worth, and hate people for shallow reasons.

This isn’t one of those.  If you’re going to bemoan an example, get one that… you know, is actually AN EXAMPLE or racist origin, deed and consequence.  Not one that sort of resembles one at first, and then ends up not being an example at all.

As soon as the President started his speech opposite a split screen of people rocking a cop car on the other camera, you knew it was game over.


Remember that Cheech and Chong Sister Mary Elephant skit?  Watching this on TV was just like that clip.

*thank yew!*


Here’s the President, opposite of the rioting, essentially trying to promote peace.  He said the right things.  Mr. Brown Sr. said the right things.   But these wheels have been in motion for months.


The MINUTE the President left the podium, it stopped being about Michael Brown, and ironically…  became about a “lack of justice” for everyone else who has tried to make a living in Ferguson.  People who invested their entire lives into that town were about to be victims of doing NOTHING wrong.  Even Mike Brown can’t claim that.

So what happens?  Looting.  Even the businesses that OPENLY ADVERTISED SUPPORT for Michael Brown – were their businesses spared?  No, they weren’t.    One might – *MIGHT* – argue that rioting was a “protest”, and maybe for some, it was.   But here’s what baffles me.   Why would businesses that openly supported the ridiculous “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Mantra be attacked at all?  (And let’s translate that to what it really means:  “I’ll Try To Beat Your Ass, Officer, But The Second You Get The Upper Hand, You Have To Be Gentle And Not Hurt Me Because Then That’s Police Brutality” Mantra).

Yet those businesses that posted posters IN SUPPORT OF MICHAEL BROWN ON THEIR FRONT WINDOWS were then broken into, robbed, trashed, vandalized, and ultimately, burned down!  Irony.   Punish the people who disagree with you by ruining the people who support you.


No.  I reject that.  You can be angry, you can protest, you can even step out of line.   I don’t mind if you use the criminal, justice or civil systems to seek damages if you believe that you’re due.  Peaceful, public protests?  Dandy with me!

But you don’t get to PROFIT from Michael Brown’s death IN THE NAME OF MICHAEL BROWN by scoring yourself some free liquor, meat, cosmetics or cigars.  Isn’t that what started this whole thing in the first place?

Here, look at the circled parts:  These businesses put Michael Brown’s support IN THEIR WINDOWS.   What goes through the mind of someone who comes across that in the midst of this situation?  “I’m out here for Michael Brown.  This Business supports Michael Brown.   BURN THIS DUMPY BUSINESS TO THE GROUND!”  At what point does your anger take over so badly that you want to burn down the livelihood of the very people who are supporting the very cause you’re out protesting?

hands2 hands1

NewsFlash, Neidermeyers.  You don’t get free Captain Morgan booze bottles in the name of Michael Brown.

Except that you did.  And shame on you, people.  This isn’t Civil Rights.  This is just being a criminal.  It’s taking advantage. It’s stealing.  It’s just like taking cigars, except that this time, you have safety in numbers.   You’re all jerks.  Criminals.  Degenerates.

It’s not that the system failed you.  No, some of you are seriously mourning the loss of a young life.   The rest of you made the decision to do some early Christmas shopping on the back of a dead kid.  It’s called “Waving the Bloody Shirt”, and it’s disgusting.

You don’t get to burn down McDonalds, Cathy’s Restaurant, Beauty Town Supply Store, or ANY business that’s not yours.  No, you don’t.  NO.  SCREW YOU.   Do you know what is pathetic?  It’s leaving a body in the road.  I can understand that.  But here’s what’s worse:   It’s the protestors who rob from their friends.   In a world where there is honor among thieves, you Ferguson rioters failed even the basic test of humanity.

Here’s a really pissed off looking looter/protestor.  Clearly mourning Michael Brown’s death by yukking it up on MSNBC, and waving at the camera with her cute little pink mittens, and sipping her Starbucks.   I can almost feel the outrage from here:


“Tee Hee”   (A real revolutionary, this one)


“Look at me!  I’m angry, and I’m not going to tak… oh.. hold on….  cheeeeeeesssssseeeeee!”

But she was part of “something big”, and after all, that’s what is important.   She showed up!   This is what you get for awarding participation ribbons to people just for “being there”.  Bet she’s telling her friends how she moved her cause forward tonight!  “Or whatever”.

Finally, I read the most common-sense defying finger-pointing that I think I’ve possibly read.    And I’m on the Internet.  A LOT.  So that’s a significant level of bullstuff.

I won’t name names, but someone I know actually blamed the riots on the Prosecutor who explained the whole situation this evening.   I didn’t have the time, stomach, patience or exasperation enough to say, “Hey.  How much of a pantywaist are you that you are unable to call criminals…. “CRIMINALS“?!”   I started writing out a response noting that this is better at night because regular people wouldn’t be working or need to get to schools to pick up their kids in the middle of a riot.   How is it even fathomable that a Prosecutor be responsible for riots when there have been numerous groups promising, threatening and scheming and OPENTLY CALLING FOR JUSTICE RETALIATION for the last THREE MONTHS….  TO RIOT?   Not ONE “Civil Rights” “Leader” met with the Chief of Police, but it’s the City’s fault that the predictable and repeatedly promised happened?  You’ve lost your wingding mind, un-named friend.


This person also noted that everyone lost tonight.  And I agree with that.  But the real losers were innocent bystanders unfortunately to live among a bunch of lawless and racist bellends who were happy to trade the facts and evidence of a lawfully made decision for emotion and outrage.  Because some “winners” got a crapload of electronics, booze and cellphones for nothing.

Michael Brown’s cause, should one suggest this profitable endeavor is actually tied to civil, lost credibility today.   It gave violent people a reason to go out and practice their violence, to pat each other’s back to “standing up to the police”, and a lot of innocent people were injured, and have lost their livelihoods.  Their businesses are totaled.  These are good people of all colors.  Their hardship just got real.   This is not “Corporate America” that’s popular to hate, these are regular people, franchise owners, small businesses, American citizens, and most importantly, neighbors.  You just wrecked and injured your neighbors.  For what?

To teach the city a lesson?!  STUPID!

Just like Shaneesha Taylor, Michael Brown was a really moldy, rotten apple advertised like a shiny, crisp apple needing sympathy and understanding, and the facts… the truth… the evidence ended up showing everyone how rotten he was once an inspection was finally done.   Similarly, Michael Brown liked to get high, had little resistance before starting to rough up a smaller store owner, tousled with a cop, and liked to give the middle finger to the camera.  I don’t enjoy speaking ill of the deceased, but the guy died in during a crime, running towards a cop with his hand in his waistband, ignoring commands and taking his chances.   Kids, let me point it out:  That is a stupid thing to do.  If the Civil Rights Movement wishes to make him a “Civil Rights” leader figure, then your Civil Rights Movement is not about rights, but about regaining privilege and maintaining “Street Cred” while mandating power and demanding respect without offering any of that back.  Because it’s sure as hell not about equality.  It’s about personal gain.

And why shouldn’t it be?  The leaders of the “civil rights” movement are filthy rich, and enjoy leading lucrative organizations and coalitions and commanding high speaking fees.  They eat the finest food, travel in jets, and are paid for by influential people.   They appear as “experts” and only talk about the problems rather than the solutions.  The people in the streets are only following their lead.  Everyone needs a savior, I suppose.  But pick one that’s credible and goes the distance.  Not someone who picks fights and blames everyone else while ignoring their own problems.

And pick one that doesn’t owe $4.5 million in back taxes to the government.  That’s a guy who sucks at something, and it’s very obvious.

And I’ll never take that seriously.  Equality is not a group of people, it’s an understanding between two people.  Multiplied over and over.   When people don’t want equality, but instead want a one-up, it becomes slanted.  They want an edge.  But they’ll take a freebie.

That will never be justice for anybody.

Prayers to the Brown family, and the Wilson family.  None of them will be the same, and the cycle continues until individuals decide to work it out for themselves, and that starts by cutting the opportunists out and calling them what they are – dividers.   Signs and slogans aren’t a conversation, they’re a “shut up”.  They’re an “I’m right”.  And pardon my language, but they’re also a “EF you”.   Let’s talk about the issues openly.

Ideas, tolerance and healing.   Person-to-Person.  We have wounds that need to heal, and talking heads only rip those scabs, and they do it so naturally, so easily.  For the consequence is never theirs, nor is the blame.  The credit, however, is naturally all theirs.  They’re leaders, after all.

How can we help each other in our short time on Earth?  Those are conversations we need to start having.  With each other.  Without leaders.  With each other.




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