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Why I think Caitlyn Jenner is a hero, even when compared with you.

You’ve asked yourself the same questions at some point in your life.  Doesn’t it make sense that sometimes we’ll have different answers?

Like… why am I here?  Who is my true love?  Can I be famous?   Am I gay?  What is my purpose?  Do I like me?   What am I supposed to *do* with my life?   What do I believe?  Is there a God?  Am I good for anything?   If so, what is the character of God?  What is MY character?  Who do I want to be?  What am I now?

These are questions that help us identify ourselves.  Not only TO ourselves, or FOR ourselves, but TO others and FOR others.  Our identity isn’t set, albeit I believe we have a spiritual identity.  We should serve God and each other.  Outside of that, if your identity calls for red hair, or to change your identity because you must, or to start wearing a burkah, it doesn’t matter what I think.  Go out and get it and explore it.  Live it.  Embrace it.

So I’m not going to pretend it matters what I think.  Because it doesn’t, and it shouldn’t.  I’ve had my battles, and everyone has their own too.  We might be similar, but thankfully we’re diverse enough to not all share each other’s same miseries.

So it’s not surprising to me, anyway, that sometimes, people go a step further than steps I ever took.  I know you’re thinking, “But Anth, you really get out there, man.  Your mind has pondered some serious stuff!”.   And you’d be right.  Some people believe that they are a certain way, and have unique reasons why they’ve identified themselves as a specific identity.  Others just decided that they want a smiley face tattooed on their leg.   Whatever extreme, it’s inconsequential.


For the purpose of respect, Caitlyn Jenner is her name.  Caitlyn – female name …  “her” pronoun for “Caitlyn”.     If I say “Call me Anth”, I expect you to not make a dumbass walkabout around the topic.  Just call me “Anth”.    That’s that, and I have a preference.  Out of respect, you either oblige, or you choose to be disrespectful, and even more so if you act like it’s cute.   There’s not really much room in-between.   Enlighten me if you disagree.

Let me tell you who I am, and why I’m not much different from Caitlyn Jenner:

I like women.  With pretty eyes and curves and boobs.  All sizes are nice, really.   I like tools, and replacing floors and fixing computers and checking the chemicals in my pool.  I like guns, and shooting random stuff, and then smelling like WD-40 after lubricating the automatic garage door opener.   I can smoke and drink and hold my own on a motorcycle, though I rarely do any of those these days as I’m usually unclogging sinks, or painting or dorking around with the Weber grill.  I step up to people who are rude to women, and my wife walks on the inside of the sidewalk.  I insist.  These are some pretty manly traits.

I also like holding my wife’s hand, spending time with her, cuddling and sleeping in, crying with her when she’s down, and holding her when she’s uncertain and being deep in raw, disturbing, porous emotion.   I don’t care about sports. I have long hair.  I like cats, and animals and I release outside lizards and moths rather than squash them.  Sort of pansyish stuff to some guys.  I joke and say I do it to get laid, but the fact is, I embrace my sensitive side as much as I do my manly side because I’m not afraid that it makes me less of a man to not live an existence of beer, bike exhaust and tools.   And I don’t care if you know that, because being in touch with people that close is rare and beautiful.   If you don’t know, you’re missing out.  It’s awesome.

So what am I?   Let’s see.  My mind, emotions and identity ALL MATCH my physical makeup – and so I don’t have Caitlyn’s struggle.  Well, lucky for me, huh?  Cause that’d be embarrassing if there was a conflict somewhere in there.  But if I did, wouldn’t that be a legitimate thing to ponder?   And you should be okay with even the above sensitive stuff that I’m pretty secure in my manhood that I don’t lose anything by being sympathetic to your struggle if you have one.   It’s okay to appreciate that someone has a struggle that is uncommon, uncomfortable or challenges your view.  But it’s not okay to dismiss it as crazy.  That’s someone’s real struggle.

That’s the only real difference between you, and me and Caitlin.

Conventional wisdom says that we are defined by how we look, and it’s usually pretty true, isn’t it?    We don’t look far in other places to see how such “simple definitions” often has a catastrophic or debilitating effect in some people.  As people suffer from anorexia, implant addictions and cosmetic surgery lifestyles, we see people who are trying desperately to “fix” what they believe others inherently see wrong in them.  But what about the person who inherently sees something wrong *about themselves”?    If you “feel” like something you’re not, you have to either adjust your mind, or adjust your surroundings.   In this case, Caitlyn Jenner chose her path.  She struggled no doubt for years on her path of self-discovery, and while I’m glad I don’t have that struggle myself, I am happy that she found a decision and a solution that works for her.  Why in the world would I judge that?

When I initially approached the whole “okay, where *DO* I stand on this” topic of Caitlyn Jenner, I immediately thought of intersexual people – commonly known as hermaphrodites – with both ovarian and testicular organs, despite that not really being the issue at all, and I don’t know why.    But we’re taught to believe that gender confusion is all a simple confusing and easily misunderstood condition, and we “just have to make it right”, sort of like chopping off the penis and saying, “Tahdah!”  Fixed!  You’re a girl!  And then believe the brain follows suit.

But in reality, it’s like slapping duct tape on a steam leak.   It’s unrealistic to expect it to hold, and just as unrealistic to blame the hose (the individual) when it doesn’t.  In hermaphrodite situations, often times, the parents are asked to choose “for the sake of society”, and when parents choose “What isn’t”, the child suffers the loss of ability to define themselves.  While the rest of us define ourselves, their definition has been assigned to them and for some reason, we expect them to accept that huge life challenge without qustion.    But what do you do when your body is opposite what your mind is?   It’s no longer a series of penis-chopping deduction, it’s a process of defining… and defining… and defining.

It’s fighting the overwhelming adherence to the belief that you aren’t what society tells you that you are.   I can’t imagine a more difficult human struggle than to wrestle with your own existence. 

Gender confusion isn’t something to be scared of.  It’s something to be sensitive of.  Because you have to choose between who you believe you are, versus how society finds it easiest to assign you, regardless of your opinion.   What a dismissal if someone was to assign you the exact opposite of what you believe you are.

I posted a meme about Bruce Jenner and Bill Clinton that I thought was funny because it was lampooning the Ex-President’s loose behavior, but then I realized how wrong it was for the other party.  Because it paints gender confusion as “ugly” people, sort of like the “Pat” SNL character.   And these people are just as beautiful because they’re as introspective as most of us (or more), and searching themselves just as much as we do – and sometimes they are just as racked up as the rest of us – and look at yourself.  Maybe, in some ways, they are more secure with their identity than we ever will be with ours, because not only do they know that something is inherently requiring a change that they MUST make, they have chosen and didn’t let anyone else tell them otherwise.   If nothing else, even if you reject gender reassigning, you should admire the tenacity of an individual who takes that plunge to be absolutely true to what they believe.

I was going to post the picture, but I’d rather just be embarrassed that I used it and move on.   Because I’m a little smarter today than yesterday when I thought it was funny.    I’m not apologizing because you’re offended or not.  I’m apologizing because it was inappropriate, and it doesn’t bear repeating.   I’m sure you’ll find it on Facebook if you have a wide range of friends like I do.   Or maybe your friends are all vegans and post the same thing all day, in which case, you just miss out on that pic.

But I do want to address a meme I did see, and didn’t like that sort of inspired this.

I’ve seen several memes saying “Here’s a war hero (World War 2 soldier with gun),  and THIS is what bravery looks like – not Caitlyn Jenner”.  Or diminishing points of unequal comparison.  Here’s a great example:


I’ll bet $10. that someone who struggles with their own self worth and asks the same questions I posted at the top of my article (without the answers mind you) stated just this question.

They make a valid point on the surface – there are heroic professions.  Nobody argues that.  But which of those jobs is opposite what that person was supposed to beThe answer:  None of them. 

But aren’t you a hero to yourself, and your friends and family, for doing what you believe is absolutely right, even if it’s unpopular?   Is that not worth merit?

Here’s what I say.

There’s room for heroes on both sides.  After all, some people’s fight is a fight that other people don’t believe in.   But that doesn’t mean that courage is absent.  Not in the least.

And if you don’t like Caitlyn….  then I have a very sound opinion that will make your life happy again:   don’t marry  her.   Problem solved.  I’m sure she’ll level with you, if you accidentally unknowingly date her, prior to your engagement.    There’s room for all of us to be heroes and to be what we’re supposed to be.   Most of those casting stones, I would imagine, are not willing to take the risks that Caitlyn did.  Otherwise, they’d be winning their own battles too.

Caitlyn, don’t you apologize for a damn thing.





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It’s official. Tonight stopped being about Mike Brown

I marvel when I look at the passion of the human condition. We rally together in disaster when we sense our own humanity (or mortality), and then turn on each other for the same reasons.

Michael Brown got shot to death, and was (pathetically) left in the street for way too long.  Three separate reports, including one done independently by the Federal Government (whisked up by Former Attorney General Eric Holder, for Pete’s sake!), didn’t contradict on the key points – and were essentially… consistent accounts.

Three reports.  From three very separate sources.  Consistent.  That’s a freakin’ miracle.  That.. or… those were actually the facts.

While the treatment of Mike Brown’s body after the fact was inexcusable, the actions prior to them were equally inexcusable.   Mike Brown dared the Officer to react, and the Officer did indeed react.   If you charge a cop, you risk it.   Sorry, Mr. Brown Sr.    The officer is not the “killer of your child”.  The officer “reacted because your child was charging him, ignoring his commands to get down,  with a sneer after trying to steal a deadly weapon from a uniformed officer in a marked police car”, while matching the description of someone who just committed a robbery.

If your tall-and-fat pothead kid sneers at me, charges me with his hand under his waistband, I’d fear for my life too.  Now, I’m not a cop, and I don’t have access to know he’s a suspect in a crime, so I’d run.  But if he followed me and cornered me, I’d do the same thing, and for the same reason.   I don’t know what the kid might or might not have, but cops don’t have the luxury of risking their life to find out if they’re being bluffed.  Nor should they have to.  First responders, as far as I’m concerned, have every right to be on the defense.

When you grab a cop’s gun, you’ve just asked to be shot.   If you don’t understand that, you’re just going to have to either figure it out, or be removed from the gene pool as a Darwin Award Candidate.   This kid was “so bad ass” that he could grab a cop’s gun and run?   That’s not stupid.  That’s dangerously stupid.  That’s “disregard for reality” stupid.


Here’s what angers me. Witnesses who stated things to the press had a different story to the Grand Jury, which is great when you want to win the court of public opinion for a “killed child”.  It gets your soundbyte and face on TV, and gives you credibility of being part of something big. REALLY big.  To some, this is historical.  But does it change history?

Here’s what it doesn’t do: it doesn’t really provide a sense of justice when you tell the Brown Family a false story, and allow that family to set up an expectation for actual justice based on a lie, only to learn that not only is their kid dead, but all the people who gave them a reason to hope, or a “fall guy”, or a villain dressed as an officer… all these people essentially lied to the Brown Family.

In their hunger to find a race war, they lied to a grieving family.  Aren’t they suffering enough?

It’s called “false witness”, and you can say what you want about faith or this concept, but at the end of the day, it’s a real crummy thing to do. Seems like maybe Moses got that one right in the 15 err… 10 Commandments, and isn’t so awful, is it?


I’m just going to say it. Michael Brown’s case was reviewed to the point where it was beaten to death. There’s nothing left to discuss.   There ARE cases out there that have to do with race that address the actual problem that I do believe does exist with some officers.  Some Officers ARE racist.   Some are criminals.  But not just because they’re white and pull over black people.   Or not because they’re black and pull over white people.   But because they’re horrible people who have little self-worth, and hate people for shallow reasons.

This isn’t one of those.  If you’re going to bemoan an example, get one that… you know, is actually AN EXAMPLE or racist origin, deed and consequence.  Not one that sort of resembles one at first, and then ends up not being an example at all.

As soon as the President started his speech opposite a split screen of people rocking a cop car on the other camera, you knew it was game over.


Remember that Cheech and Chong Sister Mary Elephant skit?  Watching this on TV was just like that clip.

*thank yew!*


Here’s the President, opposite of the rioting, essentially trying to promote peace.  He said the right things.  Mr. Brown Sr. said the right things.   But these wheels have been in motion for months.


The MINUTE the President left the podium, it stopped being about Michael Brown, and ironically…  became about a “lack of justice” for everyone else who has tried to make a living in Ferguson.  People who invested their entire lives into that town were about to be victims of doing NOTHING wrong.  Even Mike Brown can’t claim that.

So what happens?  Looting.  Even the businesses that OPENLY ADVERTISED SUPPORT for Michael Brown – were their businesses spared?  No, they weren’t.    One might – *MIGHT* – argue that rioting was a “protest”, and maybe for some, it was.   But here’s what baffles me.   Why would businesses that openly supported the ridiculous “Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Mantra be attacked at all?  (And let’s translate that to what it really means:  “I’ll Try To Beat Your Ass, Officer, But The Second You Get The Upper Hand, You Have To Be Gentle And Not Hurt Me Because Then That’s Police Brutality” Mantra).

Yet those businesses that posted posters IN SUPPORT OF MICHAEL BROWN ON THEIR FRONT WINDOWS were then broken into, robbed, trashed, vandalized, and ultimately, burned down!  Irony.   Punish the people who disagree with you by ruining the people who support you.


No.  I reject that.  You can be angry, you can protest, you can even step out of line.   I don’t mind if you use the criminal, justice or civil systems to seek damages if you believe that you’re due.  Peaceful, public protests?  Dandy with me!

But you don’t get to PROFIT from Michael Brown’s death IN THE NAME OF MICHAEL BROWN by scoring yourself some free liquor, meat, cosmetics or cigars.  Isn’t that what started this whole thing in the first place?

Here, look at the circled parts:  These businesses put Michael Brown’s support IN THEIR WINDOWS.   What goes through the mind of someone who comes across that in the midst of this situation?  “I’m out here for Michael Brown.  This Business supports Michael Brown.   BURN THIS DUMPY BUSINESS TO THE GROUND!”  At what point does your anger take over so badly that you want to burn down the livelihood of the very people who are supporting the very cause you’re out protesting?

hands2 hands1

NewsFlash, Neidermeyers.  You don’t get free Captain Morgan booze bottles in the name of Michael Brown.

Except that you did.  And shame on you, people.  This isn’t Civil Rights.  This is just being a criminal.  It’s taking advantage. It’s stealing.  It’s just like taking cigars, except that this time, you have safety in numbers.   You’re all jerks.  Criminals.  Degenerates.

It’s not that the system failed you.  No, some of you are seriously mourning the loss of a young life.   The rest of you made the decision to do some early Christmas shopping on the back of a dead kid.  It’s called “Waving the Bloody Shirt”, and it’s disgusting.

You don’t get to burn down McDonalds, Cathy’s Restaurant, Beauty Town Supply Store, or ANY business that’s not yours.  No, you don’t.  NO.  SCREW YOU.   Do you know what is pathetic?  It’s leaving a body in the road.  I can understand that.  But here’s what’s worse:   It’s the protestors who rob from their friends.   In a world where there is honor among thieves, you Ferguson rioters failed even the basic test of humanity.

Here’s a really pissed off looking looter/protestor.  Clearly mourning Michael Brown’s death by yukking it up on MSNBC, and waving at the camera with her cute little pink mittens, and sipping her Starbucks.   I can almost feel the outrage from here:


“Tee Hee”   (A real revolutionary, this one)


“Look at me!  I’m angry, and I’m not going to tak… oh.. hold on….  cheeeeeeesssssseeeeee!”

But she was part of “something big”, and after all, that’s what is important.   She showed up!   This is what you get for awarding participation ribbons to people just for “being there”.  Bet she’s telling her friends how she moved her cause forward tonight!  “Or whatever”.

Finally, I read the most common-sense defying finger-pointing that I think I’ve possibly read.    And I’m on the Internet.  A LOT.  So that’s a significant level of bullstuff.

I won’t name names, but someone I know actually blamed the riots on the Prosecutor who explained the whole situation this evening.   I didn’t have the time, stomach, patience or exasperation enough to say, “Hey.  How much of a pantywaist are you that you are unable to call criminals…. “CRIMINALS“?!”   I started writing out a response noting that this is better at night because regular people wouldn’t be working or need to get to schools to pick up their kids in the middle of a riot.   How is it even fathomable that a Prosecutor be responsible for riots when there have been numerous groups promising, threatening and scheming and OPENTLY CALLING FOR JUSTICE RETALIATION for the last THREE MONTHS….  TO RIOT?   Not ONE “Civil Rights” “Leader” met with the Chief of Police, but it’s the City’s fault that the predictable and repeatedly promised happened?  You’ve lost your wingding mind, un-named friend.


This person also noted that everyone lost tonight.  And I agree with that.  But the real losers were innocent bystanders unfortunately to live among a bunch of lawless and racist bellends who were happy to trade the facts and evidence of a lawfully made decision for emotion and outrage.  Because some “winners” got a crapload of electronics, booze and cellphones for nothing.

Michael Brown’s cause, should one suggest this profitable endeavor is actually tied to civil, lost credibility today.   It gave violent people a reason to go out and practice their violence, to pat each other’s back to “standing up to the police”, and a lot of innocent people were injured, and have lost their livelihoods.  Their businesses are totaled.  These are good people of all colors.  Their hardship just got real.   This is not “Corporate America” that’s popular to hate, these are regular people, franchise owners, small businesses, American citizens, and most importantly, neighbors.  You just wrecked and injured your neighbors.  For what?

To teach the city a lesson?!  STUPID!

Just like Shaneesha Taylor, Michael Brown was a really moldy, rotten apple advertised like a shiny, crisp apple needing sympathy and understanding, and the facts… the truth… the evidence ended up showing everyone how rotten he was once an inspection was finally done.   Similarly, Michael Brown liked to get high, had little resistance before starting to rough up a smaller store owner, tousled with a cop, and liked to give the middle finger to the camera.  I don’t enjoy speaking ill of the deceased, but the guy died in during a crime, running towards a cop with his hand in his waistband, ignoring commands and taking his chances.   Kids, let me point it out:  That is a stupid thing to do.  If the Civil Rights Movement wishes to make him a “Civil Rights” leader figure, then your Civil Rights Movement is not about rights, but about regaining privilege and maintaining “Street Cred” while mandating power and demanding respect without offering any of that back.  Because it’s sure as hell not about equality.  It’s about personal gain.

And why shouldn’t it be?  The leaders of the “civil rights” movement are filthy rich, and enjoy leading lucrative organizations and coalitions and commanding high speaking fees.  They eat the finest food, travel in jets, and are paid for by influential people.   They appear as “experts” and only talk about the problems rather than the solutions.  The people in the streets are only following their lead.  Everyone needs a savior, I suppose.  But pick one that’s credible and goes the distance.  Not someone who picks fights and blames everyone else while ignoring their own problems.

And pick one that doesn’t owe $4.5 million in back taxes to the government.  That’s a guy who sucks at something, and it’s very obvious.

And I’ll never take that seriously.  Equality is not a group of people, it’s an understanding between two people.  Multiplied over and over.   When people don’t want equality, but instead want a one-up, it becomes slanted.  They want an edge.  But they’ll take a freebie.

That will never be justice for anybody.

Prayers to the Brown family, and the Wilson family.  None of them will be the same, and the cycle continues until individuals decide to work it out for themselves, and that starts by cutting the opportunists out and calling them what they are – dividers.   Signs and slogans aren’t a conversation, they’re a “shut up”.  They’re an “I’m right”.  And pardon my language, but they’re also a “EF you”.   Let’s talk about the issues openly.

Ideas, tolerance and healing.   Person-to-Person.  We have wounds that need to heal, and talking heads only rip those scabs, and they do it so naturally, so easily.  For the consequence is never theirs, nor is the blame.  The credit, however, is naturally all theirs.  They’re leaders, after all.

How can we help each other in our short time on Earth?  Those are conversations we need to start having.  With each other.  Without leaders.  With each other.



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November 25, 2014 · 9:35 am

I hate to say it… but… TOLD YOU SO.

For people in the West Valley area – this gang member allegedly committed a double-shooting at Dust Devil Park next to our neighborhood.



Allow me to rant for a minute: No. Seriously rant. Righteous indignation, “I was right” and kiss my behind because I openly predicted this even RRRRRAAAAANNNNNNTTTTT.

And here’s why I’m ranting.  For 4 years now, I’ve been trying to get members of the community together.  Not to do anything official or crazy – just to watch what’s on their block.  Just to report crimes if they happen to see them.   Only 5 people total have stepped up out of 439 homes in our development, and that’s just sad.  That’s JUST BARELY 1% of people who have committed to report crimes while they are happening in our neighborhood.     Those people who HAVE stood up have done an amazing job, and my hats off to them – and more on that in a minute, because they did something I believe is absolutely related and significant to this.

I’ve interacted with this kid.

I remember confronting this kid when his little “crew” was writing his graffiti on our community walls and completely trashed our basketball court.  He told me his name was something it wasn’t, and had no ability to look me in the eye.  And having been from southside Chicago, I’ve seen some pretty good street art with spray paint.  I’ve also seen murals.  This wasn’t even close.  It wasn’t even artsy or impressive graffiti. It was single-line paint scrawl with penmanship that a second grader could put to shame, and it never got better over the years.

But more ugly was the response from the average neighbor.  “It’s a victimless crime, I don’t want to get involved”, said a lot of people in the community who watched this kid do it and just shrugged their shoulders, feigning concern and just standing by and watching it happen – and in the next breath, wanting to know “WHEN IN THE [****] IS THE [***-****]  HOA going to get someone to clean it up, because it makes the neighborhood look bad“.

I’d ask, “When did you report it”, only to be met with a blank stare of confusion, as if reporting crimes was like this “new-fangled Internet thing”.  “You mean *I* should call”, they would ask incredulously, shocked that I’d dare suggest they get any more further involved than to… of course.. inform ME that *I* should get involved.   So instead of the community reporting it, people would wait, and the crimes went away got worse. Hmmmm.  Just as I consistently predicted each time someone says that.

Empowered, this youth took it to the next level.

So then…

How about NOW? Is NOW a good time to revisit this? Is this shooting finally enough of a crime to realize that 7 rounds went off only two blocks away and only 3 of those bullets hit their mark and four went “stray”?  He HAD a paint can and people said, “HO HUM”. 

Like this:

Then he GOT a gun.   Now people get all: 

Which one was best for the community to get involved in?  The early crimes?  Or the big effin’ murder that he was empowered to commit because nobody stood up? 

It wouldn’t have gotten this far if police, counselors and parents got involved. But nobody did. Why? Because people refused to stand up and accuse this person of the smaller crimes, which may have put him on the right track – or at the very least, sent a message. Or not. We may never know. So now he’s done a nice big one, and I’ll bet he has your attention now.

Well, good news people. I think the graffiti is the least of our concerns now with this particular gang member. So there’s that. I get to celebrate, because I’ll bet that I’m pretty much the only person – besides paid city employees who clean up after this kid employed by Phoenix Neighborhood Services – who has to follow this kid anymore in my local neighborhood.  I carry my own defense while I do it.   You discover what that is if you point a weapon at me.

So how about you?   I saw an open letter someone wrote to the police.

Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not tasked to do their laundry, cause SOMEONE is dookin’ their shorts.

I won’t be disrespectful or call them out.  They are entitled to their opinion, but here is my response to people who want “someone else” to take care of their neighborhood:

Do you feel safer, now that you went inside and hid? Decided to “not get involved”?  Look out your window and see what happens when you do that.  THIS.  THIS is what happens.

So on to how our neighbors are heroes:   I believe this would have happened in OUR basketball courts and in OUR neighborhood if it happened 2 years ago. But instead, a few people stood up and started watching our parks, and consistently calling the police, even if it “took forever for the cops to show up” – hours later, they would still file a report, even though the perp was long gone, and all that was left to do was photograph the damage – which went into the THOUSANDS of dollars. So hats off to the people in our community that stood up and made a difference. I am absolutely certain that we avoided this on our property because of 3 people being good neighbors and reporting suspicious activity consistently – so consistently that it made these guys leave and go somewhere else where neighbors didn’t call so often and they were hassled less.  They were hassled less at Dust Devil Park.   This shows that community involvement – even minimal – can make a critical, life-saving difference.

It’s time to share that logic.

I’ll be asking these questions – particularly the “How about now? Will you get involved?” question – next week as I go around the neighborhood to ask people to get involved. I am more of an activist now about making our neighborhood a better place to live than ever. It’s time for a change, and people need to either step up, or shut up about the place not being a great place to live. And if you complain without a plan to be part of the solution, you’ll be told the same thing:

Do something about it or get behind someone who is.  Otherwise, lock your doors and hide.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment and drop the excuses  When crimes are being committed, it is NOT  “just kids being kids, they’ll out grow it”.   It’s an opportunity – uncomfortable as it may be – for the police to communicate with the parents that something is wrong, and their parental guidance would benefit the kid greatly. 

This was just exactly one of those kids that several people predicted would “outgrow” being a felonious wall-scribbling dirtbag.  No need to call the cops they said. No big deal, at all.

Now he shoots a 22 year old in the head without warning in daylight, in public, becoming a felonious murder suspect.

So how about now?   Did he outgrow it?

/rant off

No way.  Screw that…

/rant back on

Final note:

Lest I forget, I predict that someone is going to end up blaming this whole neighborhood thing on guns.

So let’s have that discussion, because I know a little about both:

Because never mind the criminal history of a documented underage gang member who could not have possibly purchased a weapon legally, (did you see that?  Those are the BAD gun owners, not those of us who purchase with background checks and in compliance with the law!) or the missed opportunities to catch crime while it’s happening, along with community apathy, or the chances to identify or rehabilitate or educate someone who is committing felonies… all these things failed that are supposed to work in the system.

Do you expect a gun law to do any better?  It won’t.  Because first, you have to have someone “get involved”.  Be willing to be a witness, or testify.  And most people today, it seems, are unwilling.   If you want a problem to solve, solve THAT one FIRST.   They can protect themselves, too, and they have that right.

Don’t you DARE blame the gun, because I’ve also seen the Facebook page these kids in Phoenix locally trade stolen guns for sneakers, sports caps and prescription codeine.   I’ve turned these pages into the PPD on several occasions, and guess what?  They’re busy with other crimes that a single gun transaction on Craigslist doesn’t even register to them, EVEN if it is advertised as STOLEN or modified.  And let’s mention how the Phoenix Mayor and majority of Councilmen just cut the Police Force’s budget AND raises, resulting in LESS HOURS and NO NEW OFFICERS, so those crimes will NEVER be investigated.  There’s just not enough bandwidth.  And none of your new gun laws were going to prevent criminal gang members from stealing and trading guns for shiny new kicks and liquid codeine to get “crunked”.  It happens openly on Craigslist and Facebook.  EVERY DAY.  No, really.  Every. Single. Day.

So even if new laws were added, there’s not enough bandwidth to enforce, stop or even slow the criminal trading online.   Police are only going to look at history of a purchase or an offer online after a murder, only for the purposes of solving that murder, until it is solved.  Then something more important comes by that needs to be investigated and any other information is “unnecessary”, and therefore ignored.

Sorry reality sucks, but that’s how it is.  ANTH’NO’POLOGY.  I’ve had these discussions with several officers, and there’s no solution possible today based on their bandwidth.  Murder is against the law, but as many laws as you write, criminals break them.  Gun laws included.  Nothing would have stopped this.  Not laws, not a ban, not a restriction, and not anything.

Parting thought:

Maybe more crimes could be avoided if criminals get caught because people stepped forward to do what’s “right” instead of what’s “easy” or “convenient”, like ignoring them. 

The gun fired a bullet for one second.  Prior to that, there was at least 4 years that I know of with a failed system protecting a felonious, documented gang criminal and an apathetic public that refused to report his other crimes “because he’s just a kid” and he “might outgrow it”. 

Again, how about now?  Did he outgrow it?

/rant off



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Hay Tea (Compost Tea) – the best water for your plants

It’s summer!  Time to buy MiracleGro?  Heck no.  That stuff is weird, fluorescent blue, un-dissolvable grains of mystery.  Here’s a recipe that cost me $25 that I can use for years.   You can do the same with a “Homer Bucket” on a smaller scale if you don’t have a huge garden, and you will know you did a great job feeding your plants and trees in a very simple way without contributing to shoving synthetic nutrients into the soil and wondering to yourself, “Does this crap really work?” like I do when I use MiracleGro.    I could never tell.  I always imagined while I was swirling my bucket that me adding MiracleGro to my plants is how an atheist feels when he or she is trying to pray:  Hopeful by trying, but not really seeing any lightning, and having no clue at the end if what I did even mattered.  And by the time I know for sure, it’s too late to get my money back.

“My plants didn’t grow miraculously”, I would imagine telling the Home Depot returns clerk, still using my arm to swirl the now-blue soup-water as I daydream about the exchange that would take place if my crops were not to be a bumper that year.  “So I want my money back”, I would verbally conclude as I contribute to the delinquency and slow insanity of a poor retail store employee who has previously returned my overcompensated .35 cent PVC pipe parts,  dead plants and light bulbs that expire within the warranty.  The clerk would then daydream of pulling out a katana from under the counter, and in one quick swoop, lop off my head with that hopeful look still on my face.  That look that says, “my return will reward me with a Home Depot gift card that I will immediately use within the hour at the checkout counter….” as my smiling, bloody melon bounces on the grey concrete floor to a slow roll and stop, while the clerk victoriously smiles with that victorious gleam in her eye, bloody sword over her shoulder poised to strike again if my headless torso were to suddenly go erect and attack….  as my Type A+ drips from the blade handle onto the shoulder strap of her orange Home Depot apron while the managers all rush up and applaud the employee for the early termination of a persnickety, receipt-bearing cust….

Wow.  Sorry.  That’s a slice of ADHD pie if I ever saw one.   Okay, back to the Tea Compost.

Okay, since I’m pressed for time and this is already way past due for Earth Day, and some of my readers are visual types (like me),  I decided to make this somewhat easy to illustrate (since saying “throw a bunch of hay and water in a big 55-gallon drum and add an aerator and half cup of molasses” wouldn’t be easy enough if you’re one of those unimaginative analytic nerds, so if you are, there you go.  Thanks and bye!).

For the rest of us who didn’t read Playboy “for the articles”, here we go.   You can get hay from most feed stores, depending on where you live.  Each bale of hay has “flakes” or for you Wonder Bread types out there, “slices”.    All you need is one.  But if you’re going to use the hay in a few days to surround the base of your taller and more mature plants, go ahead and throw in two.   That way, you can remove some of the hay without having to start over.



Easy-peasy-Japanese-ey, right?   Right.

Next, get a nice big 55 gallon drum.   These can usually be purchased for about $15.00 on Craigslist, depending where you live.  If you know of a better way, add them to the comments.  But before you pay, keep a sharp eye out.  Sometimes you can get them on or Craigslist for free by someone who has one they want to get rid of.


I obtained mine from a mechanic who had it out on the street for “bulk pickup trash day”.   In Phoenix, 4 times a year the trash company contracted with the City of Phoenix rolls by to pick up your large items that don’t normally fit in the bin.   This one pictured was set out on the curb, filled with a mechanic’s car parts, transmission fluid, some oil and was dirty.    With a little dish soap, a scrub brush and good ol’ free elbow grease, I was able to get this as good as new.

Free is free, right?  Why pay?


So with your hose, start filling the bin and add a flake of hay.


Next, add a half a cup of molasses.   You figure a few ounces per gallon, but I use a half a cup for the whole thing.  It’s a food source for the microorganisms, and good for the soil to boot.   Some may argue how much to use, but that’s how much I use.

20140422_181129     20140422_181207    20140422_180957

Give it a good stir, and get all of your hay wet.

Next, add your air source.   I used this two output air pump from Petco, which was under $20. brand new.  I hated buying it new, but I was in project mode, and had everything except this.  So I broke down and got it.     You can also find these at some SecondHand stores or on the above mentioned Craigslist/FreeCycle options.    You’ll also want to weigh them down (not pictured) with a fishing weight or something that will keep the air flowing near the bottom.


WARNING:  I don’t believe these are rated for outside use, so keep it dry or unplug it when you’re not monitoring it.   Don’t zap yourself.

Finally, you’re ready to go.   You may want to consider covering it up a little since it can get relatively stinky when the composting process happens.


Some final points:

When the hay tea gets particularly aged, I scoop it into a bucket and distribute it around the garden, putting it around the base of larger plants, bushes and trees.

Some foaming will be normal.  It’s a measure of proteins, but not necessarily an indicator of quality compost tea.

You can also add some black compost soil, which will be healthy for the mix.  But make sure it’s black and “earthy” smelling.

Choose a watering can that doesn’t have a narrow spray head.   I use one that pours out a solid stream, so that if some hay hits the nozzle from inside, it doesn’t stop up the watering process.

Some people are into “peak brewing” and use testing equipment and microscopes to determine the best time to use this stuff.   This is simple, and works in almost every application.


Happy composting!





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Leland Yee – A Review Of Gun Control Quotes

Let’s start this entry with a happy picture, with Presidential partnership, Senators united against a common enemy:

Criminals.   Citizens.


I say that because when it comes to gun control, it’s always the citizens that have to give up a right.  It’s never the criminals that get a step-up in punishment.  And we see this with the latest example of California’s newest criminal in the illegal Arms Trade industry:


By “strengthen”, he would eventually mean, “break”.

And by “State Law”, he would mean, “State and Federal Law”.

By now, most of you are already aware that California’s State Senator Leland Yee might qualify as a worthy candidate for “Hypocrite of the Year” after an FBI investigation revealed that the Anti-Gun Senator was caught in the act of something far more nefarious than the “gun show loophole”.

It’s true. The disgraced Democrat exchanged campaign contributions for unknowingly introducing an (undercover FBI) “buyer” to an arms trafficker to help criminals get shoulder-fired FULLY AUTOMATIC weapons and missiles.


Let me repeat that.

Fully Automatic shoulder fired rifles.  And missiles.


Image 7

This is way better firepower than the semi-automatic guns us mere, pleeby citizens are “entitled” to, according to arsenal-selling pimps like our Senator friend here whose verbal proclamations are woefully inconsistent with his bill-writing and voting record.

Yes, he was the pointman for illegal arms including shoulder rocket launchers from a Muslim separatist group in the Philippines.

So while our allegations have yet to pan out, the glaring fact that a State Senator has access and contacts in the criminal element is one that cannot be unseen.   Unless your head is buried in the sand like some of those “Nyeh I don’t like guns” groups you know.

Since we know that people like Senator Leland have disdain for the law, not to mention the Constitution now, this helps us understand WHY, I’ve decided to pick a few Tweets from Senator Yee’s Twitter feed to illustrate the words of an alleged Illegal Arms Dealer and how his “Gun Control Gameface” rhetoric is exactly like everything you normally see from gun grabbers – as they always exempt themselves from the very rules they make.

Let’s continue with this gem:


Dec 17, 2012

Ahhh yes.  If only I had a dime for every time I heard THAT term.

“For our kids”.

I enjoy debating this particular point often, because those kids are totally immune to rocket launchers and other explosives by extremists (or California Senators) who need to make a fast buck to get more weapons on our streets.

The problem with the “for our kids” argument is the wording suggests that guns only kill kids.  Therefore, if there were no guns, kids wouldn’t be killed.  But guns kill intruders.  Guns kill rapists, and men who seek to hurt women and children.

OR it suggests that if it wasn’t for kids, these stupid laws wouldn’t have an emotional patsy to assign, and thus, would never pass the muster for what constitutes “adult conversations”.  This is probably more true than any of us care to admit.

“Why do you need more than 10 rounds in your magazine?”
“Maybe because there are three criminals breaking in.”

It also illustrates the fallacy that kids are the only victims of gun violence.

Last year, over 200,000 women used a firearm to defend themselves AND THEIR KIDS from intruders, from rape and from murder and break-ins where they were in danger.

Sorry.  “For the kids” doesn’t work.  It’s outdated.  It was yesterday’s logic foiled by today’s statistics repeated by tomorrow’s fools.  Deal with it.

Incidentally, I have a shotgun near my bed at night.  It’s loaded, and has a fancy light on it.  Know why I have it?  “For our kids”.

Onto the next one:


15 MILLION women have stepped up to take training classes to learn to defend themselves.  (Kleck and Gertz, “Armed Resistance to Crime,” at 185.)  They are roughly 25% of the gun owners, and the protection they need is protection they can handle.

If you were interested in protecting the public,  try selling the best weapons to the citizens, rather than the criminals.

In fact, I find it interesting that Senators like Lee and Feinstein always talk about “guns falling into the wrong hands”.  It’s not us doing it, Senators.  You’re outfitting some drug-running terrorists, and then blaming citizens for the criminals having guns – and as a result, we need MORE LAWS so CITIZENS won’t be injuring KIDS.

And that’s the constructed straw-man argument being systematically dismantled by facts:

Most guns aren’t sold at gun shows.
Criminals don’t go to gun stores.
I know a Facebook page where kids trade guns for shoes.
There’s not enough police manhours available to prosecute.
So they can only really prosecute the “big guys”.
And citizens are responsible for defending their own lives.


NOT lies, as told often by the likes of Sen. Leland Yee.


The only mass-reloading here is the shovel to manure truck of misinformation unfairly pointed at the Gun Lobby.

Fine, sure some lobbyists have a whacked idea of what “common sense” is.   In California, you have a Senator who improperly holds guns.  If you want to see a “fight against common sense”, start with the idiots who endanger their own supporters during speaking engagements.  Those safety mechanisms are off, the chambers are closed, and their fingers are on the trigger.   “commonsense”, indeed!




Ahhh yes, the “loophole” in the assault weapons law.  We’d certainly hate to think you had any COMPETITION with selling illegal weapons, Senator Yee.   Imagine being undercut by “Two-Block Tony on the Street Corner”!

I love watching Colin Noir completely DESTROY this whole concept of the loophole, which is ridiculous at worst, and.. well, politics at best:

Leland 11

…. by demonizing citizens of having 12 rounds magazines…

…. while arming illegal criminals with guns that shoot typical cyclic rates of fire are 460–900 Rounds Per Minute for assault rifles (1,000-1,100 RPM in some cases), 900-1,200 RPM for submachine guns and machine pistols, and 600-1,200 RPM for machine guns.

Senator Yee, this is NOT how we commit ourselves to a safer society.

What if one of those criminals went to Sandy Hook?


Yes, thank goodness.  To battle the staggering death toll of 0 people who have died as a result.


I love that.  “I’m a leader, and 4 weeks later, I’m ready to be ready to take steps to do something”.  What a grand announcement of do-nothing.

Bonus:  That “something” has nothing to do with Newtown.


This is probably the most disgraceful one.  While Piers Morgan took great pains to invite pretty much “just anybody with a stupid mouth” to his show (including The ‘Nuge for you people who think I’m just Anti-Democrat.  I’m not, but it seems the dumbest people with regard to 2A is the lefty siders, like it or not.). What Morgan’s journalistic ‘integrity’ failed to do was bring people who were actually affected by the very gun laws that Leland Yee proposes, and instead invited a bunch of “what-if” pundits.

But Anth!  There might not be any victims willing to come forward!

Amanda Collins will.  She was raped on a campus 50 feet from the campus police station.   She also has a carry-conceal permit, but couldn’t defend herself because of School policy.

CNN’s Piers Morgan denied Collins’ request to come on his show and tell her story.  Remember that “uncaring gun lobby” earlier?  They allowed her time on their show for her to tell her story.

Immediately, Democrats rallied around her – almost immediately – to:

Make sure women could defend themselves with carry permits.  No.
Increase security on the campus.  No.
Increase the hours the campus police were present.  No.
Lecture Amanda and give her tips and suggestions on how to better deal with the next rape – by using ballpoint pens, because women were too unstable to know if they “feel” attacked.  Because “some women might go all blam-blammy” on some poor innocent guy.  YES, they actually said that sort of nonsense to her in a news conference.

“There are some gender inequities on college campuses, this is true and universities have been faced with that situation for a long time. It’s why we have call boxes, it’s why we have safe zones, that’s why we have the whistles. Because you just don’t know who you’re gonna be shooting at. And you don’t know if you feel like you’re gonna be raped, or if you feel like someone’s been following you around or if you feel like you’re in trouble and when you may actually not be, that you pop out that gun and you pop — pop a round at somebody.”

So you can’t carry on campus, and in some parts of California, you can’t have a gun with more than 7 rounds.  You can’t drive on the freeway with a loaded gun – they must be unloaded and locked, separated from ammunition.   How are you even protecting yourself?

Not only did Senators like this legislate the rape of Amanda Collins by stripping her of her rights and reducing everyone else’s right to respond, they increased the danger and firearm capacity of criminals who intentionally seek to endanger citizens.

And there’s a word for that.


I hope, if guilty, Mr. Lee gets the appropriate maximum sentence.  The irony would be if it was by firing squad.  By guns he brokered.  But drug lords are funded every day.  As usual, instead of making laws that affect the criminals, Senator Yee has made laws that protect the criminals and limit the citizens.

This is why Gun Control is the epic failing political strategy of all time.  It’s a stupid idea whose time has long gone.

I’m disappointed that I didn’t see any “Tough on Crime” quotes from Senator Yee on his Twitter feed.  Then again, it was only a matter of time, so why should he make his own prison sentence longer?

But if anything, this illustrates the absolute need for the 2nd Amendment.  It’s the ability for the citizen to protect themselves from dangerous criminals like Senator Yee and his customers.



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UPDATE!! Letter to Walgreens CEO #1 Answered

Great news!  Walgreens is willing to help Phoenix communities and the Phoenix Police Department identify and investigate illegal sales of prescription medicine.


Many of you read (and some of you voted) on my blog post to Walgreens CEO Gregory Wasson regarding two Walgreens Pharmacy managers who refused to assist with criminals selling pharmaceutical medications online, or trading them for guns, shoes and stereos.

If you didn’t, you can do that here:

I was contacted yesterday by a regional manager who gave me his phone and email and who understands the situation and willing to be a “point man” for this issue.   Walgreens has not only stepped up, but upon receiving credible information, they may at their discretion:

1.  Contact the police

2.  Contact the doctor

3.  And something else, but I agreed not to say what.

THANK YOU, Walgreens!   I’m thrilled to hear that your upper management has it together and willing to take action in the communities you serve.

Up to now, I also wanted to present a snapshot of the vote as of today, so that you can see prior to the outcome, and what it is now (at that post).


Not everyone agreed with my stand, and that’s good.  I wanted the opinions.

I am happy to endorse and shop at Walgreens again.




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In Defense of Arizona, Intellignet Discussion Takes A Back Seat. Again.

If you even bother to open your mouth, sometimes you know there are a few people who – no matter who reads it – have already decided that you’re an idiot, and wil twist your words beyond anything recognizable to what you actually said.

So yes, commenting on this topic is a risk.  But it’s so much easier to just parrot inaccurate points that are popular, so that’s what thinking, compelling and intelligent people TRY TO INJECT into a discussion.  So if you’re a shallow blast-gasket who has already decided “what is truth” and you haven’t even read the bill, then just go back to being a follower, a simpleton and a rally tool.

You know, I become less of a fan of George Takai and other – otherwise intelligent and insightful – individuals when something regarding Arizona hits the news and seemingly all the “fans” jump to that side.  Without thinking or really looking at an idea objectively.   Cause we all know that if some popular figure says it, “it must be true!”.

Yes, Governor Jan Brewer pointed her finger in President Obama’s face.   So what?  The guy who yelled “You Lie!” during an actual State of the Union was long forgotten (probably something the Obama Administration is thankful for, since that statement ended up being true).   Was what she said disrespectful?  Perhaps.   But let’s remember that her attempt to meet in person 5 times with the Commander-In-Chief were – essentially the President standing up our governor when she arrived.   That’s pretty darn disrespectful no matter how you cut it.   I think a finger – in the big picture – was the least he had coming for wasting our Governor’s time.

Instead of asking WHY she did that, it was just merely pointed out that she DID do it.  And of course, it was “disrespecting a Black President”.   From a White Governor.   Yes, because all exchanges boil down to the worst essence of any possible, probable or suggestable RACISM.

Yes, SB-1070 was an attempt to establish status, and in many ways, curb the huge drug problem and thousands of miles of unsecured borders.  Naturally, this was viewed as “racist”, because many who ride the short bus didn’t read the short bill, which was pretty straighforward.  But the argument made was that “driving while brown” would be the new catch-phrase is ridiculous, since that’s already illegal – and would have remained illegal – under SB 1070.   Never mind the facts that you had to actually commit an offense to be pulled over.  But if you didn’t have a license, it doesn’t matter what color you are.  You still broke the law and it’s a peace officer’s job to identify you to make sure you’re without warrants.  “Papers Please” was a complete misunderstanding of the law, and anyone who bothered to educate themselves know that a peace officer has a right to determine who you are, or take you to the police station for identification.

That means you still have rights.  But if you refuse to answer even that, then you’re going to take a trip, just like any other time.

So instead of having the conversation at the local level of educated people representing a number of differing viewpoints,  we started seeing “Arizona is racist” banners, led – unbelievably – by Raúl M. Grijalva, the U.S. Representative for Arizona’s 3rd congressional district whose last election was won (the incumbant was an actual physicist and worked as aRocket Scientist engineer, Ruth McClung, who I thought was an amazing candidate, but that’s another day).

Following that was a group of bands who refused to tour through Arizona – mostly C-List musicians and Los Angeles disc jockeys, although Joe Satriani (Chickenfoot) and Rage Against The Machine also boycotted the Grand Canyon State.  But while the rallies and national news press continued, there was one thing absent:

An actual discussion.   Remember those?  News stations carried Point-vs-Point scenarios with respected guests and people who write the bils.  Talking with people who opposed the bils.  Then the news stations would report the news based on the facts – and in some rare cases, the news station would take a side.

Now Arizona, already with a “news projected reputation” for delivering bad policy (still behind Florida and New York, I submit)  gets accused of “passing a bill that allows religious people to discriminate”.

If you read that and wonder why it is I think that’s so stupid, let me set the record straight:

First, the bill doesn’t encourage anyone to say to anyone else, “Sorry piss off, my religion says suck an egg”. 

What you hear in the news is “what could, if such and such happened is [worst case scenario of only exasperated and hyperbole was to be delivered to the umpteenth degree]”, and that’s just nonsense, and we’ve heard this before with the Brewer Finger and the SB1070 bit.   Sure, it COULD, but it likely couldn’t be done without some other law or human rights statue being broken that’s already existing in law.

Second, SB1062 – if you read the actual bill – reaffirms the basic principle that the fundamental rights of free speech and the free exercise of religion do not stop at the exit door of yur church, but actually extend to every area of life. 

The reasons the sponsors of the bill submitted this was because some Arizonans were concerned that their religious rights were being taken away under the guise of political correctness – and I somewhat would agree with that statement.   San Diego removed a monument on Mt. Soledad, largely because it was in the shape of a cross.  That offended a handful of athiests who then had the entire monument deconstructed against the will of the majority of San Diego residents.   That’s not right – and thats the sort of thing that these lawmakers wanted to do.

Third, EVERY individual has the right to religious freedom and First Amendment expression as long as they don’t deny the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT of another.    And I think this is the crux of the argument.

Me offering a service and not accepting your terms is NOT a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT any more than I’m obligated to pay for a bum to clean my windshield at a stoplight with his bottle of Windex and newspapers.   However, I would put my normal considerations aside as a customer and be willing to negotiate.  Or refuse to pay.  He also could wait for the next light or move to the next car.   I could be a total drag and call the cops, or I can just mind my business and let this guy earn enough to get a sandwich.  Or I could be charitable.  Or I could get out and beat his ass for touching my shiny new car, and while the courts might take my side, that doesn’t make it the right thing to do.

Instead of having a discussion on differences – which is what TOLERANT people would do – the discussion was ALREADY DECIDED without any actual points being offered.   Sure, it’s compelling television to watch gay-news host Anderson Cooper completely destroy and talk over some old guy who had generic answers, but the questions that was asked were not honest questions.  They were accusations with a question mark at the end.   THAT is NOT a discussion.

By the admission of the accusers and hyperbole drivers, there was NOT ONE LAW that was violated prior to this bill coming to pass.  I myself am wary (and weary) of useless bills and laws that only hammer the status-quo to the point of stupid.   So let’s get over that this was “white Christian guy” policies saying businesses can discriminate.  That’s not right.  It’s saying that you can practice your faith, and the burden of proof is in an Arizona court for

So I’m going to offer three scenarios:

1.  Let’s take the Christian cake baker in Colorado that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple’s wedding, citing that it violated their faith.    It’s pretty telling that we’ve gone from “we want equality” to “I told you to bake me a damn cake to my specifications” in only a few short years.   I agree 100% with equality, and think everyone deserves equal treatment under the law.  If you’re an American human being, you deserve the same rights as the guy AND girl next to you.  What you do is your choice, and I believe we all answer to God.  Believe me, my sins are no better than anyone elses, so that’s for each person to work out for themselves – I sure don’t have time to keep track of my sins, much less yours and remind you of them!    But here’s what I wouldn’t support:

I wouldn’t support forcing a Christian bakery to bake a wedding cake if they believe it to be unGodly.
Or compel a Muslim bakery to cook pork products.  That’s unGodly to them.
Or compel an Israeli Subway franchise to offer cheese (I’ve been there.  They just don’t do it on religious principles.)
Or compel a gay owner’s bakery to make “God Hates Gay People” themed cakes.  (That’s an insult – again, principles)

While I realize the gay owner’s bakery is not a religious organization, we can all agree that there are instances where NOT doing business is actually better for all parties, and “refuse service to anyone” should be a justifiably allowed policy for “ANY REASON” for many states already.   Nobody has to get offended, or wonder “what went in the batter” and all that other nonsense that people would fling before, during and after the transaction.

I would not expect a photographer who is not gay-friendly to catch a good wedding kiss photo at a gay marriage ceremony.  I would want someone enthusiastic, excited and passionate about capturing the right moment, not someone who is repulsed by it.    Is it me, or is this just common sense that I’m pulling out of my ass here?   Rather, I’d be HAPPY if I called some guy who had an axe to grind against heterosexual couples, and he said, “you know, I really don’t want to do it because I think you and all of the heteros are gross”.  Okay, I’m on a level of privilege here, but let’s take it for what it’s worth:   I’d thank him or her and find someone who was ecstatic about my business and the big moment of the day that I will have for the rest of my life!

Let me ask you this:  Do you really want to eat that friggin’ cake in Colorado from a baker who didn’t want to make it but was court ordered to do so?   I don’t!!  I couldn’t think of a less appealing idea than someone who hated and despised his task at hand, and then expects me to eat the result of what he made in that mindset.   Why not just scream insults about one’s mother at your local fast food drive-through order-speaker?  Here’s why:  the human response would be that you’ll discover something extra in your burger bag.   The folly of ANY bullying is believing that you’ll get a better result.

2.  I’m a capitalist!   If this guy really wanted to do it right, he’d take the gay couple’s money, and put 10% tithe into the church plate or to help the poor – also a religious dotrine.  That way, everyone wins.  A cake is provided, a service is rendered, money is made, and money is filtered properly.   I don’t remember Jesus asking people what their faith was.   Did he ask the woman at the well?  No.  How about the guy serving the last supper?  No.   How about the innkeeper for Joseph and Mary?  Did we know his faith before a room was requested?  No.    How about the ship carrying Jonah across the ocean?  Or the sellers in the temple?  No and No.

It’s my opinion that it’s silly to determine someone’s faith, lifestyle or attitude when it comes to providing services.  Someone who was offended could have simply done a “Yelp!” review, and gay people would never have come back.  Instead, the media has tarred and feathered the bakery, and they closed their doors.   But if you really don’t feel comfortable with a client, it should be okay to say, “yeah, thats not okay, we can’t do business”.  For WHATEVER reason.  And if you’re a bigot, you’re doing your customer a huge favor by sending his money away.  Customer, you should appreciate this and spend your dollar in a better place.

3.  Most of us live by these rules already.  Just that we’re mature adults about it.     I do this for ultra-leftist panty-waists who are ignorant enough to stick a “No Guns Allowed” policy on the entrance to their business.   I don’t go and bitch at them, or dare them, or walk in and prance with it, daring them to tell me to take it outside.   I don’t call the press and moan about my rights as a Constitutionally Protected American Citizen.   I don’t call them names, or attempt to put them out of business.   I COULD be a complete prick about it, since by law, they MUST approach me and ask me to remove it after I’m in the building, even with the sign.  But I don’t.  You know why?  BECAUSE I’M AN ADULT.    Instead, I do the intelligent thing.  I go in and ask about it WITHOUT my sidearm, and politely express my desire to enter wearing it.  If they don’t want to remove the sign or don’t want to make an exception for me, then I go somewhere that likes me and my gun’s business.  I’ve learned in some cases they will, and some they won’t.  I have the money to spend, they have the service I want, so it’s up to either one of us to decide what is right, and – look – BOTH of us WITH OPPOSING VIEWPOINTS….  watch closely…   CAN BE RIGHT FOR EACH OTHER AT THE SAME TIME!    They can lose my business on their principles, and I can be inconvenienced to find someone else for my principles.  This idea that only one side can win is stupidly insane. 

See?  That didn’t require a law!!!

I saw comparisons to white-only lunch counters on Facebook.  Unbelievable.  Nobody is pushing this agenda.  This isn’t about excluding people, it’s about living based on your values.   And as a result, taking your business to someone who will appreciate those values.   I can tell you from a Capitalist point of view – the more people you potentially refuse to do work for, the less work you’ll have.  It’s a bad move, so choose wisely!

I even saw a comparison to Neuremburg and Hitler, and when “Godwin” accusations flying, the original poster actually defended that viewpoint.  “This mindset is what brought on Nazi Germany”.    Again, intelligent discussion takes a backseat to hyperbole and the scramble to equate a disagreement point of business ethics to concentration camps and genocide.  I lost a tiny bit of respect for a respected colleage I usually “agree to disagree with” on that one.  NFL, Apple and others were so quick to stand up for the hype, I doubt any of them actually read the bill.   That should concern you that policy is decided on by people’s reactions, and not the policy.  It should concern you greatly.  Lack of reaction does NOT ensure good policy!

Faith-shaming people for doing something they believe in because it opposes or conflicts with something YOU believe in is a reason why intelligent discussion should be had.  But it makes both sides require “Tolerance”.  One side is often fond of championing it, but rarely do they apply it equally – to themselves – when disagreeing with something they find “appalling”.

Taking it to the Public Court of the Media is just asking for bullet points, worst case scenarios and accusations.

Arizona is a great place to live.  We have our problems like everyone else.  We have our conservative (non-political conservative, mind you) areas, and we have our gay popular areas too.  But we do have Red State status, so you know that’s always going to be a whiny point with somebody who wants to make a buck.

I love this state.  It’s progressive Conservatism while strangely voting in a unique liberal balance, it has more freedoms than most places and has a laid back atmosphere and a huge diverse group of people who get along really well.   You’d never know that by watching the news talk about our state.  My local Congressman is a Democrat, and we’ve posed for pictures more than once.  He’s a great guy, and I judge him on his merit.   He has helped our neighborhood get a new park, he is empowering the neighbors, assisting the police and voting for policies that represent most of his constituents.

See if I was like the people who judge based on a soundbyte and shallow “sides taking”, we could never get along.  Cause he’d be the Evil Side.   This is exactly why people need the whole story, rather than the “Arizona votes to let people hate gays” nonsense that has been assigned to this bill.

Expect more of it.  But if you’re going to parrot people’s Facebook posts or form an opinion, then look at the issue and text itself, read the story, or bill, or law in whole and THEN judge for yourself.


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